10 Things This Grandmother Did As A Child

If you’re not a Baby Boomer, you may not remember this old, heavy, black phone.  When I was growing up, it could be found in just about every home in America at one point.  Party lines came along with it.  What is a party line you ask? It means that you shared phone lines with neighbors.  You could pick up the phone to make a call and hear your neighbor talking. If you did, you had to put the phone down and wait your turn.  If you were anxious to make a call, it seemed like they were talking, talking and talking, the conversation never ended.  Unless it was an emergency, you didn’t interrupt. You graciously waited.  Party lines, 5 brothers and a sister helped teach me patience and tolerance.  

Back than, there were no cell phones or laptops.  You had to be creative, find your own entertainment and learn to live with each other as a family.  There were no on-line games, social media sites, and the television didn’t have hundred’s of channels.  There was no cable; we had rabbit ears and antennas to bring the picture in on the television.  We have come a long way in technology, but I truly appreciate the simply things in life.  Times were gentler back in the day.  It seems like we go a hundred miles an hour all day everyday now.    

I look back at my childhood, and it was a much slower and gentler time.  We entertained each other and families spent quality time together.   Here’s what my childhood looked like:  

  1. We played games together.  – I remember spending hours playing Candy Lane, Monopoly, War, Old Maids, Hide and Seek, Mother May I, Hopscotch and roller skating on the sidewalk.  When I got older, we spent Sundays at the roller skating rink.  
  2. We played baseball in our backyard.  
  3. We caught fire flies at night and butterflies in the day.  
  4. We went to the local Burger Joint for the most delicious burgers, fries, and the thickest shakes that you can imagine.  No McDonald’s burgers for us.  
  5. We walked our neighborhood and explored nature all day.  Our parents never worried about us, and we were carefree.  
  6. We watched television as a family on Saturday mornings.  Sunday nights we watched most of my father’s favorite shows, but we watched and was happy to do it.  We popped popcorn on top of the stove in a pan and watched Tom Jones, Hee Haw, Lawrence Welk, and Gunsmoke.  I’m telling my age here, but they were good times and I’m comfortable with my age, ha!  
  7. We gathered pop bottles in a red Western Flyer wagon and returned them for pennies.  Yes, pennies.  We could buy candy all day for a quarter from our local stores.  We had Pixie Sticks, Kits, Red Hots, Fire Balls and Bon Bons.  Pay Day and Baby Ruth’s were my favorite candy bars and still are.  
  8. I lived in a small town, so the local carnival in the summer was a big deal.  We had a parade with local High School marching bands, fire trucks from all over the local areas, clowns, and floats.  I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach from the Ferris Wheel.  My mother allowed us to stay until closing, mid-night, while she played Bingo.  We even walked home in groups at that time of night, without worry of being snatched, raped or harmed in some way.  
  9. We waited for the ice cream truck, Mr. Softie, to come to the neighborhood.  We got so excited when we heard the music.  I always got a a blue or red Italian Ice or a Push Up.  For years, I didn’t know the Italian Ice flavors were Cherry or Blue Raspberry.  They were just colors to me.    
  10. Saturday mornings after the cartoons, mom and dad went grocery shopping.  Each week one of us kids would get to go with them and pick out whatever we wanted in the store.  If it didn’t have to be cooked, they allowed us to eat it in the car on the way home.  That was a treat and a great time for whoever’s turn it was.  
This lifestyle may seem slow and not cool for many who were raised in the modern technology era or in the city, but it was the best for me.  I think it grounded me and made me appreciate the small things in life.  The things we no longer appreciate or take for granted now.  This lifestyle helped make me who I am today and still plays a role in my life.   Although I’ve had a career in Corporate America, traveled, eaten at the best restaurants, stayed in the best hotels, and met many people on my journey, I want my grandchildren to experience the more low key lifestyle as the mother did.  I could have moved to any major city in this country, but I choose to stay in the small town environment.  I’m so glad that I never lost appreciation for it.  What was your childhood like?  

   Note:  Photo courtesy of stockvault.net                                                                       

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15 Celebrity Grandparents

celebrities, Hollywood

Being a grandmother is one of the greatest joys of my life.  It’s a role that’s quite different from when I was raising my daughter.  I don’t know how to describe it, only to say that it’s special.  I try hard not to cross lines that have been set by daughter and son-in-law as parents, but I set my own rules when they’re in my care.  

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Serving Up Justice

Would you become violent if you thought someone was trying to harm your child or trying to have an inappropriate relationship with them?  I’m not violent, but I will go to the end of the earth, prison or straight to hell if I thought someone was trying to harm my child or my grandchildren. Wondering what brought this thought process on?  I was reading an article where a 42 year old teacher was sending inappropriate text messages to a 15 year old.  The girl’s mother discovered the text messages on her phone and told the father.  They in turn called the police; however, the police didn’t see it as a crime.  Apparently the messages were “described an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student,” but they were not deemed a crime.  As a result, no charges were pressed against the teacher.  

How does inappropriate text messages from a 42 year old teacher to a 15 year old student not equate to a crime?  It gets better or freakier.  The teacher decides to show up at the student’s house to talk with the parents.  Dad wasn’t interested in having any conversations with the pervert, so he asked him to leave.  The teacher refused to leave, how bold is this?  Well, he took dad to a new level, dad started swinging on the teacher with a bat.  The teacher decided to leave after being beaten, but not press charges.  

Now lets do a recap.  A perverted 42 year old teacher sends inappropriate texts to a 15 year old student.  Our justice system doesn’t consider that a crime since sex wasn’t involved, so the teacher was not charged.  The pervert decides to show up at the student’s home to talk to mom and dad. They’re not interesting in talking to the pervert, but he refuses to leave their home.  Dad beats him with a bat, but dad’s not charged with assault because the pervert decided to not press charges.  Now if the pervert had decided to press charges, dad would have been arrested for assault.  Sometimes I just don’t understand our justice system.   

Mom, dads please monitor your children.  Teachers nor anyone else for that matter should automatically be trusted with our children just because they’re in our schools teaching our children, wearing a collar and calling themselves a priest or being a nice neighbor.  The world is full of twisted minds and they prey on children.  I wonder how far this educator would have gone if mom hadn’t checked the phone?  It’s important that we stay on top of what our children are doing and know who they’re interacting with.  Although the teacher was clearly in the wrong, the girl had to give him her phone number in order for him to text her.  

We must talk to our sons and daughters about inappropriate relationships with teachers, priests, ministers, neighbors and everyone else who could take advantage of them.  Unfortunately, some teens think the attention from an older man or woman is exciting.  We must make sure they understand the consequences of ending up in inappropriate relationships with those who should be looking out for their best interest and not taking advantage of them.   

I can relate to dad, I would have served up some justice too.  The nerve of him showing up at the parent’s home.  What kind of conversation did he think they would have, and than have the nerve to refuse to leave when asked. Clearly no respect for himself, their child or them.   

I wish the world was full of kind, genuine people.  It pains me to hear about all of the shootings at our schools, inappropriate teacher/student relationships, our children being abused by their parents and all of the other evil that exists in the world.  I pray about it. Unfortunately we can’t protect our children every minute of the day, but lets protect them when we can.  


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Creating Family Traditions

Do you  have family traditions? You know things you do regularly with family.  I have several traditions that I have started with my grandchildren. I think traditions are important.   Children look back at their childhood and remember the times family spent together.  It’s an opportunity to bond and establish happy times together.  It gives them something to look forward to. Hopefully they will pass on a few or at least create traditions of their own. 

I remember going to Hershey Park every summer as a child.  We would go on a bus hired by the church.  For years my mother would go.  As we got older she allowed us to go alone, but had one of the chaperons look out for us.  I must say that I had great memories of mom when she went. She packed picnic baskets full of sandwiches, potato salad and all the trimmings.  I remember those ham sandwiches as the best I ever had.  I still think about them.  My father always worked, so he didn’t go with us.  We always brought back these huge Hershey bars for him.  He had a sweet tooth, but never gained an ounce.  Oh how I wish I had those genes.  He would freeze the candy bars and enjoy them through the year.   

Another tradition was going to grandma and granddaddy’s every Sunday for dinner.  There would be fried chicken, homemade biscuits, gravy and all the trimmings.  My mother’s sisters and brothers would be there with their families, we always had a great time.  We played ball, taught each how to flip and cartwheel and discussed boys.  We bring up those Sundays when we get together.  

King’s Dominion and Ocean City were the traditions that I started with my daughter.  My mother had a tradition with her grandchildren too.  Every Friday we would meet there with our children and she would make pizza bread.  The children still talk about grandma’s pizza bread to this day. They bonded on those Friday nights, and for the most part they are still close.    

We’ve made a week at Myrtle Beach a new tradition in the family.  My sister and her family will be joining us this year.  These pictures were taken there last year.  That’s my daughter, her children and her dad who also joins us at the top.  Even though we’re divorced, I include him as much as possible.  I want the grandchildren and my daughter to have memories of all of us being together and no strife.  He loves them as much as I do, we just fall out of love with each other.  So we decided to co-grandparent.  It’s working.    

This is a picture of the kids at the aquarium.  Do you see the snake in the background.  Oh my. We spend time at the beach, eating at our favorite restaurants, or playing games inside.  I’m sure the kids will have wonderful memories. In the fall, we head to the pumpkin patch for hay and pony rides.  At Christmas, we bake cookies.  The children can look forward to these traditions for quite a long time.

Do you have traditions established with your children?  Leave a comment and let us know what they are.  

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