5 Benefits of Godparents

All of my children have been dedicated back to Our Lord and Savior.  Having children Baptized is an important event in my family. When you’re blessed, you return your blessing back to God.  It is expected by the time the children reach the age of 1 or shortly thereafter, no exceptions.  

This is Xavier being blessed 7 years ago.  He was a perfect angel during the ceremony.  

                                My daughter, Xavier and his Godmother

                              My Son-In-Law and Zarriah on Christening Day

In the picture above, my daughter and Zarriah’s Godmother and Godfather, my nephew. My nephew is also Xavier’s Godfather.  Zarriah was also a perfect little Angel.  

My daughter was dedicated 35 years ago, so she understands the importance of the dedication. My best friend is her Godmother and is still a big part of her life.  I am proud to say that my daughter and both of my grandchildren were dedicated in the same church, what a blessing.  

Some people may wonder about the role of the Godparents.  Some families may have different goals, but in my family the most important roles are:

  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Friendship
  • Mentoring
  • Role Model   
  • Providing Security

I think it’s important that parents have assistance in their children’s upbringing, and the children know that they have someone that they can always turn to.  Godparents are expected to attend birthday parties, graduations and other significant events in the children’s life.  Most importantly, they accept the responsibility of raising the child if the parents are unable to fulfill that role.  

Have your children/grandchildren been dedicated?  What were you expectations of the God parents?

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8 Back To School Shopping Tips

back to school tips, back to school shopping tips

Back to school!  So, it’s that time of year and it’s right around the corner.  We’re heading to the malls and stores for back to school clothes, book bags, lunch boxes, and paper supplies.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t we have simple tips  to help you prepare for the big event.

First, set a budget.  Next, seek out bargains.  And use our back to school shopping tips for ultimate savings.

Additionally, wondering how to stay on track with your budget?  A list will keep you on track and help you to not make purchases that your really don’t need.  Here are a few more tips:

  1. Head to the Thrift Stores – Thrift stores are excellent places to find bargains on jeans, tees, coats and more.
  2. Check Your Child’s Closet Before You Shop – Before you head to the store, check to see if your child has clothing that can be used or passed down. A new shirt/tee can dress up an old pair of jeans.  A scarf can dress up an old shirt.  A new pair of shoes will dress up everything!
  3. Recycle Old Jeans – If your daughter can still wear jeans from last year get creative. Add a design with jewels or paint or distress them.  You can turn the old into new.  Make it a mother-daughter project.
  4. Don’t make large purchases – Don’t purchase everything at once.  It may save on time, but you will most likely spend more if you’re not purchasing sale items.  Set aside several week-ends to shop when you have checked out upcoming sales.
  5. Look for Sales and BOGO deals – Scour your local paper for upcoming sales.  Only purchase items that are on sale and start shopping early for the best deals.
  6. Shop at Dollar Stores – Crayola Crayons, notebook paper, notebooks, rulers, sandwich cases etc. can be found for a bargain.  Ollie’s, Big Lots, Gabriel Brothers etc. should be on your shopping list for these products as well.  Check Ollie’s and Big Lots for good deals on school supplies too.
  7. Head to the Clearance and Sale Racks – I stocked up on end of season tees and jeans this week-end for my little man.  Target and Old Navy have great sales on jeans. You can find good deals at Gap, Children’s Place, and Polo too.
  8. Check Out Deals On-line  – You save on time and gas expense.  I look for free shipping sites.

Finally, we hope you found our school shopping tips beneficial.  You may also like:  Simple Tips to Consider for Studying Abroad.



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Cindy chose Blessing Bags – Keep on Hand for those in Need or Donate to Homeless Shelter from Thrifty NW Mom. “I love this! Our old church had a large outreach to the homeless community and even a Saturday night meal and church service for them. Throughout the year we would gather items similar to these bags to reach out to people we saw on the streets…and invite them to church. Now that we are at a different church, I still need to be reaching the homeless and needy of our community in a tangible way and this post reminded me of that.”
Victoria chose I Can’t Take It Anymore! Tips to End Baby Daddy Drama from Epic Mommy Adventures. “I chose this post because it is something that I can personally relate too. When reading the post I could see that there was real life experience put into the post and those are the posts that I really love to read.”
Becky chose A No-Stress Attitude About Potty Training from Fruitful Families. “I loved this post because it is totally how I feel about potty training and we only trained one. I didn’t let it stress me out, and we really just waited until our son was ready. This post is a great read for moms!”
Jillian also chose this post. “I chose this post because we are reaching the time when we’ll be needing to potty train my son and this has great ways to keep it a stress-free experience.”
Sandy chose Homemade Freezer Biscuits from Ten At The Table. “I think having these freezer biscuits on hand will make our busy school morning a little bit easier. Just put them in the fridge the night before and pop them in the oven while we are getting ready. I can’t wait to give them a try.”
Rhonda chose I Can’t Take It Anymore Tips to End Baby Daddy Drama from Epic Mommy Adventures. “As a single mother who has raised a daughter and dealt with baby’s daddy drama, the tips are very insightful and will help eliminate unnecessary stress. Great advice.”
Kelly chose My Five Camping-with-Littles Must-Haves (And ONE thing you’ll never need!) from Mommy Life after PhD. “I chose this one because I think it is wonderful for everyone to be out in nature and enjoying time with their families, but many people wait “until the kids are bigger”. I think these suggestions are helpful to show that you don’t have to wait.”
Stacey chose 14 Tips for Coping with Depression while Raising Children: Guest Blogger Jenessa from Mothering {In Real Life} from Chaos & Kiddos: Mommy’s Survival Guide. “Jenessa wrote such a beautiful and heartfelt post! Struggling with depression myself, she offered many wonderful ideas to help muddle through those difficult times, especially when trying to raise healthy and happy children. Our children still need us no matter how we feel, and so many of her tips were completely spot on in coping with depression and raising children.”
Kimberly chose 10 Funny Marriage Proposal Disasters from A Kaleidoscopic Dream. “I am a sucker for a unique marriage proposal story. The ones that turn out opposite of how they were planned are the best. The ladies at A Kaleidoscopic Dream did not disappoint with these picks. Hilarious!”
Jessica chose No, He Doesn’t Wear A Ring. from Blessed in Alabama. “How true! My husband and I have been married 4 years August 9th and I can happily say that he does not wear a ring,,, and surprise! Neither do I. His reason is because of his job. My reason? I lost weight (LOL!!). However, we are still happily together and the ring does not define our marriage – our trust and love for each other does. Thanks for the post!”
Chelsea also chose this post. “I chose this post because I think it really proves a point. People get so caught up in appearances and what others think of them. It was a nice refresher to know that someone out there is living freely, and doing what works for them. I especially liked it because I can certainly relate. Although I am not married as of yet, my boyfriend of 6 years obviously does not wear a ring. I do, but it’s a promise ring. Hah! I always get shade from people saying that it’s not equal for me to wear a ring (and say I’m off limits) but he is not. So, I was happy to see what she had to say.”
Kelly chose You’re Going to Love This! from Woods of Bell Trees. “This was my favorite because I love the whole “Swap and tell” idea. It is a great opportunity for business owners, like me. It sounds like a really fun concept.”
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My Little Diva – Beach Fail

My Myrtle Beach vacation is over.  I could use another one, this time without the kids. They require energy, lots of energy. The weather was beautiful for the majority of the week, we had a great time.  

Things didn’t go as we had hoped with my little diva. She’s modeling her new bikini in the photos above, but that is as much use as she got out of it.  In a previous post, I talked about how Zarriah wasn’t fond of the beach. Well, she’s still not fond of the beach.  We attempted to take her to the beach twice during our vacation.  The first day, she lasted about 30 minutes. She decided that she wasn’t interested in building sand castles, she rather munch on chips.  After a few handfuls, she wanted to return to the condo.  Thank goodness her grandfather was there, he’s not fond of the beach either so it worked out.  He was happy to babysit while we enjoyed the beach.  

The second day out we took her out in her new bikini.  It didn’t end well, she said a fly got on her sandcastle and on her belly.  She wasn’t having any part of it.  She insisted that she be returned to cleanliness and she wanted the bikini off immediately.  What’s a diva to do?  This one decided to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and watch cartoon network.  She was perfectly content, and later decided to take a nap.  After all a girl needs her beauty sleep.  

Needless to say the beach is not working out with this diva.  We’re looking at the Disney cruise for next year’s vacation.  Do you have a diva?  How do you handle yours?

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Cooking With Kids

Cooking with your children is a great way to spend quality time together.  It gets them involved in meal preparation and forms memories of making sweet treats with grandma.  My little Zarriah loves Groundies, otherwise known as brownies.  She hasn’t quite mastered her B’s yet, so Groundies it is.  We decided to make a batch on our vacation and as you can see she is having a great time helping Mawmaw whip up a batch.  The best part of making Groundies is her licking the spoon while waiting for the brownies to bake.  

I started cooking with her brother 6 years ago, and I wanted to carry on the tradition with her. This was our first brownie making session together, so I cherished the moment and memories.  We had as much fun eating them as we did baking them.  I have found that getting children involved in meal preparation or working together to fix treats helps to combat the Picky Eater Syndrome. I must say she’s not as picky as her brother, which makes life in the kitchen a little easier. I’m looking forward to many brownie and other cooking sessions with my granddaughter.  Do you cook with your children?  What’s dishes do you make together?   

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What Makes You Great

Post Great Grains cereal asked me to be part of a challenge, and I accepted.  Post Great Grains cereal surveyed several women and asked them to share what makes them
great.  They results were were amazing, check out this great video. They stated the majority of women had to think about the questions before responding.  They stated each women is great in her own way and it is important for us to remember
this and celebrate it every day.  I agree.  

They asked me to think about the question, “What Makes You Great”, share my post with my readers and have a discussion.  I have to admit, I had to think about the question too.  I’ve never looked at myself in terms of being great, have you?  I’ve made lists to assess my skills, talents, strengths and weaknesses, but that’s the extent of it.  

I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, and I went to work.  Here’s what I came up with:

  • I am great because I’m a child of God
  • I’m a great mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend
  • I am self-sufficient 
  • I am loyal
  • I’m great at overcoming obstacles 
  • I’m a great organizer and planner
  • I’m a great leader and mentor
  • I’m great at setting budgets 
  • I create great memories with scrapbooks 
  • I’m great at reinventing myself 
These are skills that I’ve listed previously, but I will take pride in each of them and celebrate them often. List a few things that makes you great?