Guest Post – 5 Reasons Family Is Important



We may not like some of our family members and they may not like us at times, but we can’t change who we are or the fact that we’re connected by a bloodline for a lifetime.  Some of our experiences with family have been different. Some of us come from single parent homes, alcoholic homes, or two parent homes that were loving or not so loving.  We can ignore, stay away from or disown our family, but we can’t get away from who we are.  That is a fact.  

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Debbie from Heartbeats ~ Soul Stains

“Heartbeats Soul Stains is a place I’d like to share my thoughts and experiences on being a woman, wife, a mother of 7, friend and survivor of many different obstacles, challenges and tragedy.
I will share the good, the bad and the oh so ugly things that happen in a family our size. Life is hard for all of us, we all have those crosses to carry. Life is also very beautiful and precious and I am determined to never take the amazing blessing I have been given for granted.”
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Victoria chose Selfish Mom Moments from Working Mom Magic. “I chose Selfish Mom Moments because I can totally relate. As a mom of three small boys, I try to be as unselfish as possible. However, sometimes moms need some times to themselves.”
Stacey chose To the Cashier Who Called My Child Naughty from Organized Chaos. “I find it sad that, somewhere along the line we have lost the teachings to treat others as you would like to be treated! To cause a little one to question himself and whether or not he is “naughty” or not, just by making a thoughtless and uncaring comment is not acceptable. Thanks for sharing!”
Sandy chose Large Family Kitchen: Save Money & Time With Bulk Foods from Aspired Living. “I love to save money, especially on groceries. I am grateful for this reminder of how to save money when buying in bulk and how to save time by re-packaging those bulk items you purchase.”
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Back to School Concerns
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Jessica chose 7 Reasons Why I Don’t Blog. from Mommie and Wee. “I love her take on why she blogs. I think this is why we all started to blog too – to share our life in our little corner of the webosphere :).”
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Kelly chose Save Money Now! from The Wondering Brain. “I chose this post because it is for anyone wanting to save money. It is a simple tip, that is really easy to do. Plus, if you follow the tip through, it really adds up by the time you are done.”
Natasha chose When Sleep Goes Awry from Just A Touch of Crazy. “Great post…and so true! I don’t know the last time that I had a full, uninterrupted sleep – probably right before I found out I was pregnant lol. If my son sleeps in his bed, it’s not all night – he ends up in my bed at some point. Which means I wake up and see him standing next to my bed. Or wake up because I’m kicked or slapped in the middle of the night. Or wake up because he’s snoring next to me. Either way, I don’t sleep. And I’ve somewhat gotten used to it.”
Natasha also chose 5 Creative Lunchbox Ideas from A Mom’s Take. “With my son only being 3, I have to be ever so creative with his lunchbox options. He just likes what he likes, and unless I am relatively creative, he probably won’t try it. Thanks for sharing some great creative lunchbox ideas!”
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DIY – Sea Shell Embellished Picture Frames


sea shell frames

Wondering what to do with all the shells that you’ve collected from your trips to the beach?  Why not make these sea shell picture frames. It’s a great project for a lazy day.  Furthermore, you can make these with the children. They will make a great gift, and a nice display for your beach pictures.

So, I had bags of shells sitting around the house that I had collected with my grandson.  As a result, I decided to use them to display beach pictures.  I love how they turned out.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to give these frames to my sister and daughter as Christmas gifts.  Additionally, I see more being made on the horizon. I want a few for myself.


sea shell frames


I love how they remind me of our walks on the beach looking for just the right shells.  The frames will be a constant reminder and great conversation piece.  I made these in an afternoon while watching TV.  Here’s what you will need:

1.  Clean shells – First, be sure to remove all sand and dirt from the shells.  They will need to be washed thoroughly and than dried before you start creating your sea shell picture frames. Lay them on a paper towel to dry. I prepared mine the night before to ensure they would be dry enough to use the next day.  So, make sure you plan ahead.

2.  Hot glue gun – Second, my glue gun gets lots of use.  I use a mini for my projects, it’s easier to control. Make sure you  have enough glue sticks.  I purchased a pack of 20, which was sufficient for my  4×6 frames.

3.  Frames – Next, decide on the size of the pictures that you want to use and purchase accordingly.  I purchased 4 x 6 frames from the Dollar Tree. I didn’t want to purchase expense frames to glue shells onto them.  Most importantly, purchase a frame with a flat surface so the shells will adhere easily.

Additionally, here’s a few tips when creating your sea shell picture frames:

1. Decide if you’re going to set your frame vertical or horizontally. This is important, you don’t want to place shells on the bottom of the frame (the end that will be sitting on your table, fireplace etc). It will interfere in your frame being able to sit with out tipping over.

2. Place your large shells first and fill in with smaller shells.

3.  If you’re going to make your frames by color, separate them before you begin your project.

4.  Play with your shells before gluing them to ensure they will fit in the space you’re working with.

5.  Have fun placing your shells. There’s no right or wrong design, so make your frame uniquely yours.

Last, I’m off to gather my beach pictures so I can have them printed. This my friends is the reason they are not in the frames, lol. Most importantly, I hope you enjoyed our sea shell picture frames project.  Finally, be sure to collect shells on your next trip to the beach.  It’s a great way to display a few memories.


Inspirational Quote – Finances

Inspirational Quote – Friends

15 Must Have Items For A First Aid Kit

first aid kit
Do you have a first aid kit?  First, if you have children a first aid kit is essential.  There will always be a scrap, cut, or rash.  Also, you will evidently suffer a burn in the kitchen or a scrape.  As a result, I always keep my first-aid kit stocked and ensure all ointments have not expired.
Additionally, you don’t have to buy expensive first aid kits.  I purchased a plastic container from the Dollar Store with compartments.  And I added what I believed I would use with the children and for myself.  Here are a few items that my first aid kit contains:
  1. Band-aids of various sizes
  2. Ointments for rashes, bee stings, and burns
  3. Ace-bandages and clips to hold the bandage together
  4. Gauze 
  5. Medical tape
  6. Medical scissors
  7. Peroxide and Antiseptic wipes
  8. Tweezers 
  9. Disposal gloves
  10. A Tube of Vaseline
  11. Benadryl for allergic reactions
  12. Tylenol or Aleve for adults 
  13. Baby and Bayer Aspirin (heart attacks and children)
  14. Eye Wash/Saline
  15. Cold compress (Made specifically for first aid kits)

Also, if you have allergies, asthma, diabetics or other specific medical conditions include items that you will need in an emergency.  If you are a diabetic, you may want to keep glucose tablets on hand, cake icing, and orange juice work as well.  Additionally, make sure you have an inhaler on hand too if you have asthma.

Again, first aid kits don’t have to be fancy or expensive.  The goal is to have items on had in cause of an emergency.  When you have children around, things happen.  There are also accidents in the kitchen, bathroom and backyard BBQs.  So, if there’s an emergency you don’t want to waste time having to run to the store.  Furthermore, running to a neighbor’s or searching your bathroom cabinet is time consuming as well.  You want to have items in a central location.

Furthermore, put a first aid kit in your car too.  Fortunately, a first aid kit was included in my car.  Accidents can happen in a parking lot, store, or the park.  So, what items do you have in your first aid kit?  Finally, you may like Caring for Kids in the Twenty First Century.

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How To Blanch Tomatoes Before Freezing


It’s one of my favorite times of the year.  Harvesting the garden and canning/freezing tomatoes for chili and soup this winter.  Most of the tomatoes that I grow are Heirlooms.  They’re not the best looking tomatoes, but they have a great variety and the best taste.  So Heirloom it is.   My favorites are Cherokee Purple and Paul Robeson.  Yum.  I love slicing them and spreading a little mayo over them with a little pepper.  It just doesn’t get any better than a fresh tomato from the garden.


When I harvest enough veggies, I get the blanching basket and my Ball Canner out.  The tomatoes taste as good during the winter as they do when I pick them from the vine.  I freeze some of the tomatoes and can others.

I purchased a basket for blanching tomatoes that fits perfectly into my stockpot.  It’s great for blanching tomatoes, green beans and squash before freezing.  Blanching tomatoes is easy and a necessary step to remove the skin before freezing or canning.  It locks in the flavor and here’s the steps:

1.  Choose tomatoes that are not bruised or cracked and rinse them thoroughly to remove any dirt.

2.  Full your stockpot half-way and bring to a roaring boil.  Do not fill completely, immersing the basket will cause the water to rise.

3.  Fill a large bowl with ice water.  This step is important, it will stop the tomatoes from cooking and cool them down enough to remove the skin.

4.  While you’re waiting for the water to boil, remove any stems and make an x on the bottom of each tomato.  Making an x on the bottom of the tomato helps loosen the skin during the cooking process.  (This step is optional.  I have blanched tomatoes without the x).

5.  Once your water is boiling, place the basket inside the stockpot for approximately 30 seconds – 1 minute. Do not cook your tomatoes longer than the 1 minute time frame.  Some of the skins on the tomatoes may start slipping off the tomatoes during the boiling process and that’s fine.  You’re going to remove the skin from the tomatoes, this is the goal.

6.  Remove the basket from the stockpot after 1 minute and emerge the tomatoes into the ice water with a slotted spoon for about 5 minutes.  You can see the skin slipping off a few of the tomatoes in the picture below.

7.  Remove the skin from the tomatoes, the skin should easily slip off the tomatoes.

8. I recommend slicing large tomatoes before placing them in quart or gallon freezer bags.  Smaller tomatoes can be left whole.  If you have a sealer, now is the perfect time to bring it out.  I like to use quart bags for storage.  It’s a sufficient amount for my dishes down the road.

9.  Write the date on the freezer bag with a permanent marker and freeze until ready to use.

10.  If your bags are sealed properly, your tomatoes should not sustain freezer burn and should be good to use through out the winter.


Stay tuned for my canning session.  I usually put up 15 – 20 quart jars of tomatoes each season.  I use the canned jars in chili, soup, salsa and other recipes as well.   What are you harvesting from your garden?


Inspirational Quote – Single Parents

5 Benefits of Godparents

All of my children have been dedicated back to Our Lord and Savior.  Having children Baptized is an important event in my family. When you’re blessed, you return your blessing back to God.  It is expected by the time the children reach the age of 1 or shortly thereafter, no exceptions.  

This is Xavier being blessed 7 years ago.  He was a perfect angel during the ceremony.  

                                My daughter, Xavier and his Godmother

                              My Son-In-Law and Zarriah on Christening Day

In the picture above, my daughter and Zarriah’s Godmother and Godfather, my nephew. My nephew is also Xavier’s Godfather.  Zarriah was also a perfect little Angel.  

My daughter was dedicated 35 years ago, so she understands the importance of the dedication. My best friend is her Godmother and is still a big part of her life.  I am proud to say that my daughter and both of my grandchildren were dedicated in the same church, what a blessing.  

Some people may wonder about the role of the Godparents.  Some families may have different goals, but in my family the most important roles are:

  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Friendship
  • Mentoring
  • Role Model   
  • Providing Security

I think it’s important that parents have assistance in their children’s upbringing, and the children know that they have someone that they can always turn to.  Godparents are expected to attend birthday parties, graduations and other significant events in the children’s life.  Most importantly, they accept the responsibility of raising the child if the parents are unable to fulfill that role.  

Have your children/grandchildren been dedicated?  What were you expectations of the God parents?