Printable Basketball Scrapbook Pages

Welcome to Part II of our Printable Sports Scrapbook Layout.  This week we’re featuring layouts for our little or not so little basketball stars.  Game On!  Print them and enjoy.  

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How to Create Garden Compost From Leaves

gardening, garden compost, vegetable gardens

Having rich soil is essential in vegetable and flower gardens.  I started composting several years ago.  I have 2 compost bins that I use for kitchen scraps, yard cuttings, grass etc.  The compost bins weren’t breaking down fast enough for me, so I started composting my neighbor’s leaves.  I’m not sure that I will return to the compost bins after seeing the results of the composted leaves. I love how the leaves break down.  They’re easier to compost and they don’t require any work unlike the compost bins.  Check out my other backyard vegetable gardening tips too.

Just leave the leaves in lawn bags and let them do their thing.  My neighbor brings me 15 – 20 bags each fall.  I use them to mulch the garden in the fall to keep the weeds down in the spring until I’m ready to till.  The top picture is a bag that I use around my garden plants as mulch.  This year I created paths in the garden to keep the weeds down with them. Normally I use straw, but I didn’t purchase any this year so I had to use my leaves.

Here’s a picture of a bag that has broken down into black gold.  Every gardener wishes for black gold. This bag is beautiful and full of worms. It took a year for the leaves to break down to this state, but it is so worth it. The compost in the bins isn’t close to being this rich after 3 years.  I must say that I have not given the bins the attention that they require.  Compost bins must be heated up by using a certain amount of greens and browns, such as cuttings from the lawn, leaves, kitchen scrapes, newspaper, etc. It also requires water and turning.  My bags of leaves just require storage space, and nature does its thing. The longer you leave them, the more they break down.
Because I have 5 – 10 bags of black gold for the next year’s garden, the other bags can sit and decompose this year.  You can have black gold too. Stop burning those leaves and find a spot for them to decompose.  It’s easy:
1.  Remove large sticks, pine cones etc. from the leaves.
2.  Use inexpensive lawn bags to house them.  I purchase cheap ones from the Dollar Store.
3.  Crumble the leaves as much as you can while placing them in the bag.  Because my neighbor gives me her leaves, I have to open the bags and crumble them myself.  If you have kids let them crumble them.  It gets them involved in gardening.
4.  Wet the crumbled leaves thoroughly, seal the bag and place it in a spot where they won’t be disturbed. I use a stick and punch a few holes in the bag so it will get water from the rain and snow during the winter months.
Finally, I hope that you found the post on garden compost beneficial.  So, just remember that composted leaves will enrich your soil and help produce nice flowers and vegetables. You can either till it into the garden or place a scoop into the hole before adding your plant. I’m going to add more of this compost around my established plants this week.  I use a small hand trowel to dig the compost into the soil around the plant. Finally, if you use this method make sure you don’t dig too deep.  Digging too deep may damage the roots or the plant.  Most importantly, the compost is organic and it’s free.

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Parenting 101 Please



If I read one more story about a child being abandoned, left in a hot car, neighborhood parks while mom is working or carjacked while mom is paying for gas I’m going to scream. I read these stories, and I’m in disbelieve.  It’s one after the other. People need a licence to have a dog, but anyone can be a parent. There’s no background checks, credit checks, education requirement, income requirement, we can just procreate. Many can’t afford to buy a box of pampers or can of milk for their child, but they have them and with no thought on how they’re going to take care of them. Providing a safe and productive life is an afterthought.   
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Printable Football Scrapbook Pages

Have a little football star in the family?  These printable football scrapbook layouts are a great way to capture special moments in the upcoming football season.  

Print them and add your photos.  Stay tuned for our sports theme layouts.  

Turn It Up Tuesday – Week 43

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Elie chose Fresh Strawberry Popsicles from Robyn’s View. “These Strawberry Popsicles from Robyn’s View are so easy and sound absolutely delicious! With only three ingredients you can have yourself a tasty summer treat!”
Tenns also chose this post. “I love simple and sweet recipes, and that’s exactly what these popsicles are. Not to mention delicious looking. I’m a huge strawberry lover and these are right up my alley. Can’t wait to give them a go!”
Ashley chose Room By Room Recap – Foyer & Stairs from 702 Park Project. “With an amazing amount of hard work and dedication, Sarah from 702 Park Project turned their green trim, multi-colored walls, and gold carpeting on the stairs to clean and crisp foyer. I’m following along to see the rest of their house renovations!”
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Victoria chose What Should A Blogger Do When Her Identity is Revealed? from Surviving & Thriving in the Second Year of My Divorce. “I chose this blog post because of the title. I felt as though all bloggers used their real name and before reading this post I would of thought the bloggers was named Kat. It was interesting and it held my attention so good that it read it entirely.”
Chocolate Peanut Butter Biscotti (7 of 7)
Cathy chose Easy, Delicious, Chocolate Peanut Butter Biscotti Recipe from Tikkido. “We love biscotti and I haven’t made any before…now! I can’t wait to try these Chocolate Peanut Butter Biscotti!!”
Alycia chose Using Linkys to Gain Readers, Followers, Friends and Fans from The Mom Maven. “I think this is a great post because I know, as a blogger myself, it can sometimes be difficult to gain followers and really get your blog out there. There often isn’t anyone giving you tips on how to be effective, so I think this is a great tool to use!”
Jillian also chose this post. “We all know that linking up with other blogs is important, but what people don’t realize is that there are right and wrong ways to do it. Cindy does a wonderful job explaining how to get the most out of link-ups and how to follow the rules!!”
April also chose this post. “Many people, including myself, struggle to actually gain a good following from linky parties. I love that Cindy broke it into four easy steps to make your efforts worth it!”
Katy chose Cilantro Lime Shrimp, Avocado, Chickpea Salad from Luv a Bargain. “Just reading the title of this post made my mouth water. This sounds like such a fabulously tasty combination and the perfect fit for a summer lunch. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try!”
Rhonda chose I’m too old for roller coasters from Just A Touch of Crazy. “It’s difficult to admit that you’re maturing and your body can no longer handle things that you once enjoyed. It’s even more difficult to admit it in front of family and friends. I admire this mom’s courage for giving it one last try.”
Rachel chose Creating a Meal Plan Around Seasonal Produce from Little House Living. “I chose this post because she gives some great recipes for using up seasonal produce and how to get the most out of fresh fruits and veggies. Even if not fresh from a garden, buying vegetables in season is healthy and budget savvy.”
Jessica also chose this post. “Loved it! I was put on a diet restriction by my doctor which consists of eating LOTS of veggies. Eating healthy can get super expensive. Her post came just in time for me! it’s a lot cheaper to buy during the season and of course we can always grow our own food!”
Karen chose Anthropologie Knock-Off: Sharpie Art from Dwell Beautiful. “A great ‘knock-off’ project – a quick and unique way of creating art for the home.”
Cindy chose Watermelon Smoothie from Krafts & Kiddos. “I have a lot of watermelon in the fridge right now and I’m the only person in my house who likes it so I have been on the hunt for new ways to enjoy this sweet summer treat. This smoothie is a great idea!”
Stacey chose German Chocolate Brownies from Memories by the Mile. “When I was growing up my mom would make German Chocolate cake from scratch and it was always one of my favorites. Sadly my kids don’t like coconut or nuts, so I have not been able to make one for years. And as everyone already knows, I love brownies! Especially topped with powdered sugar! These look absolutely divine! Thank you so much for sharing!”
Katie chose Lonely Keys from Woods of Bell Trees. “I love this simple, but glam project! My keys are also lonely, and this is just the thing I need! Love the leather and touch of gold! Heather did a great job!”
Letter to my unborn child
Natasha chose Letter To My Unborn Child from Mummy Goes Mad. “I can still remember when I was my pregnant with my son, and all the emotions and feelings that I had before he was born.  Maria expresses this in her post so beautifully! Great post!”
Tara also chose this post. “I loved reading this post. It made me teary eyed reading Maria’s letter to her unborn child. Being a mom for the first time, I realize all the emotions that you go through while being pregnant, which can become very overwhelming at times. Maria expressed those emotions in her letter to unborn child, I thought it was so sweet!”
Blog truths
The post with the most clicks is 10 truths of why my blog is not successful from The Cookie Puzzle.
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Letter to my unborn child

Letter To My Unborn Child from Mummy Goes Mad
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My Kitchen Garden Is Thriving

I spent some time in  my kitchen garden checking on my babies and pulling weeds.  The only negative that find in gardening is weeds.  In the above picture are Sugar Baby watermelons, cantaloupe, and a yellow watermelon which I have never grown before.

I cut down on my peppers this year.  I have an orange, red and green belle.  I lost my white belle. I have a Tabasco and a jalapeno planted as well.  

My Blue Lake pole beans are starting to climb.  Hopefully I will have a good crop.  I did remove the weeds and laid a path of newspaper and leaves to help keep the weeds down.

My sunflowers are getting huge.  I started these in bottles during the winter.  You can see my post on Greenhouse Bottles here.

I have a small bed of lettuce, which is looking good.  I have a shady spot, that receives some sun, so I’m going to start another bed this week. Homegrown lettuce taste so much better than store brought.  


My cucumbers are starting to climb.  A few have latched onto my make-shift trellis, but it looks like I will have to train one.  I used left over rabbit fencing for my trellis staked with 2 fence posts. Last year I used a bamboo trellis, it didn’t work very well.  I have Marketmore, Lemon, Boston Pickling and Salt and Peppers cukes in this area.  


This is garlic, which I will be digging up in another 1 – 2 weeks.  This is the first season that I was able to grow it successfully.  The first season I planted in the spring, and it did not do well.  I planted this crop last fall and it has done great.  The leaves are starting to dead back, so it’s getting close to  harvest time.  I can’t wait to use fresh garlic in my recipes this summer and into the winter.  

Stay tuned for a future post on the other veggies in the garden.  I’ll be starting my seeds for my fall crops, cauliflower, kale, spinach, and collards.  What’s growing in your garden?  Leave a comment and I’ll stop by to check out what’s thriving.