Printable Fall Scrapbook Layouts

fall scrapbook ideas, fall scrapbook pages


fall scrapbook pages, fall scrapbook ideas, printable scrapbook pages


fall scrapbook pages, fall scrapbook ideas

I love capturing memories in scrapbooks and wanted to share a few of my fall scrapbook layouts with you.  It’s a great way to capture those hayrides, pumpkin patches, falling leaves, and hot dog roasts around the fire pit.   Just add your favorite fall pictures and print. It’s that easy.  

I hope you’re enjoying fall as much as I am.  Stay tuned for my Halloween and Thanksgiving series.  Enjoy!

Where Is My Daddy

When you’re a single parent, you always feel like there’s a piece of your life missing.  You wake up alone, you go to bed alone.  You maintain your home alone, you take of your child alone.  Alone becomes a part of your daily routine.  One day your child asks for daddy, the missing piece of the puzzle in their mind. How do you handle their question?  

We end up as single parents for many reasons, death, poor choices, abandonment or immaturity either on our part or our partner’s. It can be a devastating experience being left to raise your child alone or choosing to raise your child alone because you know you’re better off. Whatever the reason, it requires stamina and endurance when you find yourself alone.  It also requires you to think before you speak to your child/children on daddy’s or mommy’s whereabouts. I read a post from a blogger who said she told her child you don’t have a daddy. That response affected me deeply.  It affected me deeply because I felt her pain.  I understood where she was coming from, but I wondered if she really understood what she just told her child. 

I want to share how I handled the situation with my daughter with the single moms out there. The first thing that I decided was that I would never speak negatively of my daughter’s father in her presence.  Now I would let that SOB have it during phone conversations or when I was speaking to a friend, but never in my daughter’s presence.  What good would that do?  I made a decision to not project my anger or pain onto my child.  When you tell you child that they don’t have a dad that’s exactly what you’re doing.  Regardless of how we feel about the absent father, our child didn’t get here by a stork.  They were conceived, so they do have a dad.  He’s simply MIA.    

I decided to tell my child that dad wasn’t here when she asked where he was.  A simple “he’s not here” often did the trick at least temporarily.  I would explain that it was just the two of us and we would be just fine. I also told her that he loved her, because he did and does.  He wasn’t in a position to show it at the time.  I don’t know if it eased her fear or pain of not having him in her life, but I knew it was better than telling her that he didn’t exist. I also thought it was best for me to leave the door open for him to reappear. People do grow up and have a change of heart. I thought it would confuse her even more if he decided to be a part of her life down the road and I had told her he didn’t exist. I didn’t want her to think negatively of me because I had lied to her or look back and realize that I was an angry, bitter person because he wasn’t there. As single mothers, we don’t want things to backfire. We must accept our situation and move forward with a positive attitude.   

As she got older, I explained my relationship with her dad. Through it all, I never spoke negative of him.  I explained that things just didn’t work out between us. We went our separate ways and I didn’t regret it. I reinforced that she was the best thing that ever happened to me and the years that he had missed was his loss.  I wanted her to form her own opinion.  I knew one day their path would cross and he did exactly what I thought he would do, he came back into the picture when she was 15.  This is why I believe that as single mothers, we should never tell our children that they don’t have a dad.  How do you explain to your child that you’ve lied to them if they do resurface? Daddy made you do it?    
As my daughter got older, I eventually build a relationship with his mom, aunts and cousins. My daughter became close to his family members too; however, she flipped the script.  She dismissed him.  She choose not to have a relationship with him, he ended up on the outside looking in. Isn’t it amazing how things work out.  She continued her education, married her college sweetheart and had 2 beautiful children while he suffered because he was not a part of it. I think it’s important to be honest with our children and allow them to make their choices and form their own opinions when they get old enough to fully comprehend the situation. Either they will work it out or they will continue to go their separate ways.  

Just as important, letting go of the anger and bitterness of a failed relationship frees you to see things clearly and it allows you to become a great mother. Don’t spend time wondering why they don’t want to be a part of their child’s life.  Don’t spend time wondering why they didn’t love you.  It is what it is. Life deals us a hand of cards and we must play them.  There will be times when we will have a winning hand and other times we will have to fold. Lay that bad hand on the table and wish them well.  

God places us in the positions that we need to be in.  It takes time to figure things out, but you must have a clear head so you can see where you need to be.  He could have placed you in your position to be a leader for other single mothers, so be the best single mother that you can be. He could have placed you in your position to strengthen you for another use in this life; I don’t know.  I do know that negativity is an obstacle and it will make your journey difficult if you don’t get rid of it.  You must rise above your situation ladies, rise above it.   

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Inspirational Quote-Never Give Up

How to Recycle a Fall Wreath

fall decorating, how to recycle a wreath

I love decorating for the seasons and holidays, if no more than a wreath on the front door and a garden flag welcoming friends and family at the sidewalk entrance.  I moved the wreath on my front door to my kitchen this summer, so I needed a replacement.  I browsed Ebay and Michael’s, but I simply could not fork over $75 – $80 for a wreath. Not when I know they had about $10.00 worth of material and maybe an hour of time invested in the product.  Problem solved, I decided to recycle a fall wreath that I had stored.  It had seen betters days as far as the materials, but the wreath was in excellent shape.  I like large wreaths on my front door, so the size was perfect.  
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10 Reasons I Love Country Living

I love living in the country.  Although I’ve had many opportunities to move to the big city, it was never an option for me. Most days we take things for granted.We get up in the morning and go about our day without taking notice of the beauty that surrounds us.  

Yesterday, I got a reminder of why I love the country life.  I was weeding the shrubbery beds and heard horses in the back of the property, so I ran around the yard to see what was happening since I don’t own horses. I found cowboys riding through the back of the property.  I ran in the house to grab the camera, which I have learned to leave by the back door and started snapping pictures.  

Not only did they ride through the back of my property, they rode through my neighborhood. It was so refreshing and unexpected.  I’m a lover of horses, so I truly believe they were sent as a reminder to enjoy what I love.  

As the day went on, I thought about why I loved my neighborhood and living the country life. Here are 10 reason I love country living:

  • I know my neighbors, and love knowing that I can always count on them.  
  • I love having enough land where my grandchildren can run freely.  
  • I love stepping out onto my deck and being able to breath in clean, fresh air.
  • I love watching deer, rabbits, and squirrels run and play in my back yard.
  • I love having enough land to grow fresh vegetables and being surrounded by butchers for fresh cuts of meat, farmers for fresh eggs, and orchard growers for fresh fruits. 
  • I love being able to bird watch in my backyard.  
  • I love being able to raise my grandchildren in a safe and friendly environment.
  • I love being able to see trees and beautiful colors in the fall. 
  • I love being able to live in the country, but close enough to a city when I need a change of environment.    
  • I love moments of surprise, cowboys riding through your back property and through your neighborhood.  

Are you a city or country blogger? What do you enjoy about your neighborhood/city?

Turn It Up Tuesday – Week 55

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Natasha also chose this post. “I completely understand where Leilani is coming from in this post. Sometimes, it’s easy to ignore what’s going on or just respond nicely and keep moving. But then there are those moments where you just snap – you can’t handle the continuous whining, calling Mommy seven million times, or holding on to you for dear life as they beg for something. I’ve had many of those days myself and I have just 1 son – I can only imagine with 2!”
six-lessons-six-months-640x423Kae chose 6 Lessons I’ve Learned in My First Six Months of Marriage from Belle Brita. “Beautiful couple that already know the fundamentals of marriage and are willing to make it work together. It’s good to see such love, compromise, and passion between two people.”
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Mari chose 27 Delicious Caramel Recipes from Memories By the Mile. “Going through her share of such great varieties reminded me of being a young girl in elementary school and going to the candy store and buying pieces of caramel candy for a penny each. I would buy a dollars worth and finish it before I got home. Ahhhh memories! Thanks Wanda for share wink wink.”
Jillian chose Coffee Decor from Shoppe by Scout Mob from Home Is Where The Heart Is. “I chose this post because my current obession is coffee!! I have always loved coffee, but over the last couple weeks I’ve been nuts for it. If I had the extra dough, I would absolutely re-decorate my kitchen with a coffee theme, like those photos in this post.”
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Apparel N Bags – Ladies Laptop Tote Review

I received an offer to review a product from Apparel N Bags, and readily accepted once I reviewed their site.  I decided to check out the Port Authority Ladies Laptop Tote to review. I was leery about the quality of the bag since the site contained very low prices on their apparel and bags, but this site proves once again that you should never judge a book by its cover.  

I decided to go with a color other than black so I choose the Espresso.  I love anything chocolate, that includes food, clothing and accessories.  Why not a laptop bag. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived, the color was fabulous and the quality of the bag was great. My response was , OMG.  This bag was $18.00 and it’s just a great as my pricier laptop bags.  

Also, when I ordered the bag I wasn’t sure if my personal computer would fit.  It’s 15 inches so I had my business computer which is much smaller in mind when I selected the tote.  I was happy when I tried placing both computers into the bag and both fit with ease. When I’m not carrying my laptop, I use the bag to carry a pair of flats, drinks and snacks to the office. It’s quite roomy. I also love that the the bag is stylist.  Check out the zipper on the back and the contrasting handles.  It has a great shape too. Another plus for this bag, it’s machine washable and you can tumble dry it.  How awesome is that!  

Apparel N Bags has a large selection of apparel, which includes Nike and Adidas golf shirts, Nike hats, business shirts and a host of other items.  The prices are unbelievably low. I suggest that you head over and check out this site for yourself. They have a great selection of bags in an array of colors. I highly recommend it, and will purchase from them in the future. I’m thinking Christmas gifts, but it’s also a perfect place to pick up a birthday gift or items just for you.    

Note:  I received the laptop tote to review for this post; however, my opinions are my own.     

15 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied


Do you have a child in school? Are they scared of the school bully?  School bullies are a national problem in America’s school systems.  Bullies can be found in preschool, elementary, junior, and high schools.  A bully is defined as a person with internal anger, resentment, and aggression.  They normally lack interpersonal skills and choose to displace their aggression onto another person.

Furthermore, it’s anti-social behavior.  For example, school bullies usually come from families who lack warmth and affection.  Or from abusive homes. They are usually poor students and aggressive.  However, this is not always the rule.  A new bred of bullies have emerged.  They are referred to as “brat bullies or cyber bullies“.  These bullies are usually seen as spoiled, and they believe the world revolves around them.

Most importantly, bullying isn’t gender specific.  Believe it or not, girls are just as capable as bullying as boys. They just use different tactics.  Additionally, boys usually resort to physical violence.  Where as girls inflict psychological pain.  For example they may resort to calling their victim names, starting rumors, gossiping, or excluding the victim from groups or parties.  Psychological abuse can be just as devastating as physical abuse.  Some of the effects of psychological abuse are eating disorders, ulcers, depression, and suicide.

Just as importantly,  nasty emails and text messages are a part of the brat bully’s psychological warfare.  So, bullies are not limited to children who come from poverty, low income, or broken homes.  As a matter of fact, most suffer from low self-esteem, they wear the latest fashions, and engage in the latest technological trends.  Middle class and well to do homes have bullies too.  Beware!  They call their victims fat, ugly, poor, make fun of the victim’s family or their cloths. They send emails or post pictures of the victim on-line and start rumors about them.

So, pay attention parents.  Most importantly, if your child’s behavior changes, grades go down or they have mood swings, they may be having problems with a bully.  Likewise, don’t ignore the signs or think that the problem will go away.  You must get to the bottom of the problem and deal with it head on. Here are a few signs:

  • Afraid to walk or ride the bus to school
  • Feeling ill in the morning, and not wanting to go to school
  • Asking for extra money or starts to steal
  • Starts bullying siblings
  • Stops eating or starts eating excessively
  • Poor grades
  • Cloths torn or dirty
  • Starts stammering
  • Crying themselves to sleep at night
  • Crying before going to school
  • Attempts or mentions suicide
  • States that they hate themselves
  • Withdraws from activities that they previously enjoyed
  • Nightmares
  • Have conversations with your child on what’s happening in school, with friends etc.  You may be able to detect problems during the conversation.

Let your child know that not everyone will like them.  Also, let them know they don’t have to put up with abuse from other people.  Be sure to notify school officials of your concerns.  Safeguard your child by taking proper action. Bullying affects a person’s self-esteem and leaves life long scars.

Additionally, if your child is a bully you must address the pain that your child is inflicting.  So, don’t think that it’s not a big deal or kids are being kids.  For this reason, it’s imperative that you understand that children are killing themselves as a result of the pain they are enduring.   In addition, ask if you’re setting a good example for your child?  Furthermore, ask if you’re contributing to your child’s mistreatment of another person?  Bullying is a serious issue within our society.  We would love to hear from about your bully experiences.  Please leave us a comment.

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Inspirational Quote – People’s Opinion

Looks Who’s Seven

Time flies.  It is hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since my first grandchild was born, Xavier.  I remember it like yesterday,  The first picture is Xavier coming out of the delivery room, the second is my first time holding him, and the third the first time he sleep in his new nursery.  Oh what a glorious day for me!  Especially since I never believed that my daughter would have children.  She never liked being around kids, never baby sat and until she met her husband never thought of having kids.  She was an educated young lady armed with a degree and a zest for travel and life.  

My experience with Xavier’s birth was quite different from Zarriah. I was able to experience every grandparent’s dream, waiting at the hospital for his arrival, seeing him rolled out of the delivery room, and being able to hold him for the first time.  I didn’t have that experience with Zarriah.  She was a preemie and almost 4 months before I held her for the first time.  We were also enduring Hurricane Irene when she arrived, so it was days before I could make it to the hospital to see her.  So I treasure these memories with Xavier.

It’s hard to believe that by big boy is 7.  I’m so grateful that he still loves snuggling with me, spending time playing games with me, tells me about his problems with mommy and daddy, and enjoys my special pancakes, waffles, and brownies. I know it won’t be long before his interest changes to sports, girls, cars and hanging out with his friends. 

I gave him a Kindle HD for his birthday gift and he was thrilled, but I think he loved the cake more.  I had a picture of him from one of his football games scanned onto the cake.  I’ve always wanted to eat him up, and I finally got the opportunity. Happy 7th Birthday Xavier, Mawmaw loves you.