Spiral Candle Review

I love candles. I burn them year round and especially on the week-ends while I’m relaxing and sipping my coffee. The smell of a good candle is yummy and soothes the senses. When I was asked by Spiral Light Candle Corporation to review one of their candles I jumped at the opportunity. I went to the site and debated over and over on the scent that I wanted to try. The site has approximately 50 – 60 different scents to choose from, so I waivered. I finally selected the Buttered Rum and waited in anticipation for its arrival. I must say, I was not disappointed. It smelled heavenly just removing it from the box. 

On to the review, this candle is unique. Check out the picture, the wick is on the side of the candle versus the center. As the candle burns, it fills the middle. For safety purposes, please remove the paper wrapper before burning. I left the paper on the candle initially for advertising purposes. 

While the candle was burning, I was expecting a more powerful scent to emerge. It didn’t, but I was fascinated by how it burned and for how long. Once the well of the candle fills, you can light the center wick and you  continue to enjoy the candle. I love this idea, I’ve never seen a candle burn in this manner. You can check out the demonstration here

I have found a new candle resource. There are several other scents that I would like to try like the Cinnamon and Cabernet. The Apple Spice is on my list for my daughter. She loves to burn candles like her mother. These candles would be a great birthday, Mother’s Day, or holiday gift, so keep them in mind. I know I will. 

Disclaimer – I received the above product for review; however, all opinions are my own.   

Easter Scrapbook Page Layouts

Are you ready for the Easter Bunny?  Colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, Easter Lilies, and good food. Print these adorable scrapbook pages and capture a few memories. My family will be visiting, I’m looking forward to spending time with my grandchildren. They make all the holiday work so worth it!  How do you plan to spend Easter?  

Giveaway – 4 Meal Passes

enter to win HomeTown® Buffet, Ryan’s or Old Country Buffet® (2).png

Welcome to Mother 2 Mother. I am happy to co-host  this great giveaway with Mrs. Kathy King and offer you the chance to win 4 meal passes to a restaurant of your choice. To Observe the season of Lenten Ryan’s®, HomeTown® Buffet, Old Country Buffet® restaurant is offering a great selection of fish and shrimp options every Friday night.

They are giving one lucky fan an chance to Win 4 meal passes to HomeTown Buffet, Ryans or Old Country
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Prize: The prize is 4 meal passes to HomeTown Buffet, Ryans or Old Country
Ends: 4/1/2015

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Kid’s Garden Crafts Roundup

kids garden craft ideas, kids garden activities

I was in the process of planning my summer garden and decided to look for garden crafts to do with my grandchildren. I found some great crafts, and decided to do a roundup to share with my readers.  The posts shown are suitable for a variety of age groups.  And these crafts are a great way to keep the kids outside and involved in nature.   

It’s also a great way to spend family time together.  Here’s the roundup: 

1.  Root Viewer – Found on Zulily – Great way for children to watch vegetables grow underground establish roots and grow.  I initially found this on Zulily, but it is currently out of stock.  However, you can check out Fat Brain Toys, they have it in stock.  Furthermore, this is also great for science lovers.

2.  Hand and Foot Print Flowers – Found on Learning As We Are Growing – This is a great craft for capturing memories of adorable little fingers and toes.  Also, this craft is a wonderful gift idea for grandparents or parents for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

3.  Slinky Bird Feeder – Found on Glamumous.  However, I found a DIY version on Dust Bunnies and Dog Toys, which I will be using.  I purchased a Slinky from the Family Dollar for a few bucks.  Fortunately, I just happened to have several size embroidery rings in the closet just waiting to be used. My Blue Jays love peanuts.  Be sure to use unsalted peanuts if you make this project.

4.  Tissue Paper Flower Pots – Found on From ABCs to Acts.  Cute idea to make with children. I plan to use Marigolds with my grandchildren.  They can nurture them all summer.  And will last until they are hit with a hard frost.  You can purchase the tissue paper from the Dollar Tree.  They have a pack with bright, bold colors, which is perfect for summer.  You can find inexpensive pots at your local garden center for a few bucks.

5.  Bug Bingo – Found on About. Adorable, and this would be fun to play on those rainy, summer days. Just as important, the card and insects are free to download.  Just print and assemble.

6.  Personalized Stepping Stones – Found on Skip To My Lou.  Creating a personalized stepping stone in the garden will excite any child.  Fortunately, all of the supplies can be found at your local Lowes or Home Depot.

7.  Ladybug Rocks – Found on Parenting –  Another cute idea to place in a garden or to use as paper weighs for mom or dad’s office.  Additionally, they will make great gifts for teachers or anyone else who loves ladybugs.

8. Truck Garden Planters – Found on Toby and Roo.  If you have old dump trucks that your children don’t play with anymore, this will be a great project.  Also, you may be able to purchase the trucks cheaply at your local Dollar Store, yard sales or the Goodwill.

9.  Popsicle Stick Garden Markers – Found on Instagram.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the instructions.  But the project looks easy enough to figure out by looking at the pictures.

10.  Bird Bath – Found on Dump A Day   I love the bright colors on this bird bath.

11. Rainbow Garden MarkersLiving Well Spending Less  This craft is cheap.  Most of all, it’s a great use of paint sticks.  I’m going to make these and use this idea in my garden this season.

12. Spring Tulips – Found on Let Kids Create A few sheets of paper, finger paints and fork will keep them busy for hours. This craft is definitely on my To Do List.

Finally, I hope you find a craft or two that you can make with your children/grandchildren.  Please leave a comment, we may want to adopt it. Last, be sure to subscribe to my blog before you leave and follow me on social media!

8 Ways Leading Your Children By Example Can Shape Their Life


parenting tips

Do you believe in leading your children by example?  Setting a good example for my daughter and grandchildren is important to me.  I have always believed that I needed to be the mother that I wanted my daughter to be.

I never wanted to be the type of mother that says do as I say and not as I do.  How do you teach your children when you aren’t an example of what you want them to be or do?  So many things become generational. We have people who are unable to break the cycle of dysfunctional relationships and living.  They continue to struggle with dependency on drugs, alcohol, or the system in some manner. We all come from something, but that doesn’t mean that you have to continue down that path.  We all have the power to change our situation.

I believe that it is imperative to set an example for those whom I wish two inspire or lead.  Here are a few things that I have learned on my journey as a mother.  I have implemented them into my life, because I believe in leading your children by example:

  1. You must establish credibility – Seeing is believing. You don’t have to be perfect, but you must be honest and you must know that your children will be looking to you for guidance as well as looking at how you achieve your goals and how you provide for them.
  2. What makes you an authority? Let your children know that you’ve been in their shoes or a similar situation.  Tell them what you did to accomplish the goal or resolve the problem. It’s important that they know they’re not the only person experiencing a particular problem or situation and it can be overcome or the goal reached.
  3. Who wants to follow someone who is still struggling to get themselves together – You can’t lead with A Do As I Say and Not As I Do attitude.  You should be demonstrating how to improve yourself and move forward.
  4. You must be positive – Your child will respond to a positive attitude.  
  5. You must have good decision making skills and you must be disciplined – You need to teach your children how to make decisions and how to stick with the decision.
  6. Show your child that you can be successful personally as well as professionally –  If you’re struggling on a personal level continuously, it will be difficult to lead your children.  When I was raising my daughter I talked to her about my some of my personal struggles, but I did not burden her with my financial situation.  Running my household was my responsibility.  I did explain the importance of holding down a job and being reliable.  Goals should be a topic of discussion. My daughter understood that my job paid the mortgage, purchased food, clothing, and afforded her activities and our vacations.
  7. Demonstrate how to work toward financial goals Explain the importance of saving for a rainy day and the importance of paying yourself first.  Cry broke, but never be broke.
  8. Give your children a spiritual/religious foundation Teach them to say their prayers and bless their food. We all need to believe in someone or something greater than ourselves.
Finally, know that we’re all a work in progress.  However, we hold the future of our children in our hands.  So, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6.  We hope that our tips on leading your children by example has been beneficial, and you will strive to implement a few examples into their life.  You may also like:  6 Reasons Learning to Forgive is Good .

Turn It Up Tuesday – #78

Welcome to Mother 2 Mother and the 78th week of Turn It Up Tuesday! I’m looking forward to another amazing week of great posts. Last week, we had an awesome time on Turn It Up Tuesday with 446 links – another amazing week! We’d like to thank each and every one of you for making every week so amazing! Keep sharing your amazing posts with us here on Turn It Up Tuesday!
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Marose chose Be aware of the money vampires from Simple Pero Rock.
Cindy also chose this post. “I chose this post because it is genius! I started using a Google spread sheet this year to track my posts but I like the visual of a calendar better. Just reading this post I felt liberated and I’ll be starting this method in April.”
Lisa chose Creamy Tomato Basil Soup & Homemade Garlic Basil Croutons from Juggling Act Mama. “I love tomato soup and Ang’s recipe is easy, delicious, and the garlic basil croutons are awesome. Perfect cold weather comfort food.”
Lisa chose DIY Ranch Dressing from All She Cooks. “Jessica’s recipe for DIY Ranch Seasoning is perfect for any dish or dip that uses the packaged dressing. I love the DIY seasoning mixes because you know what’s in them and you control the amounts to your tastebuds. I can’t wait to try this!”
Elaine also chose this post. “I have been looking for good seasoning recipes as part of my healthy eating plan and this is the best Ranch recipe I have seen.”
Kelly chose Paper Easter Basket Crafts from Crafty Journal. “Noreen has shared just about every paper basket possible that both adults and kids alike can create for Easter. I love how just almost all households would have the materials on hand to make them. Simple, inexpensive and a great activity for all the family.”
Kelly chose How to Set Up Your RSS Feed with MailChimp from My Craftily Ever After.  “Setting an RSS feed has been on my list of things to do for some time but being a novice, I didn’t really know how to do it with Mailchimp. Ashley’s simple step by step tutorial has helped put this task back to the top of my to do list.”
Elaine chose 6 Tips for Healthier Grocery Shopping from All Things Lifestyle. “Good solid tips for healthier grocery shopping.”
April also chose this post. “As I try to eat healthier, choosing how I shop has become a priority, Karon at All Things Lifestyle really lays out some simple rules to follow while grocery shopping.”
Rhonda chose Baby Chicks from Hell from Kari. “I loved this post. I’ve heard of dishes being a disaster as they’re being prepared, but never an adorable and delicious dish that was turned into one. Too funny!”
Tenns chose Homemade {Stress Relieving} Foot Soak from View from the Fridge. “I love a good foot scrub and its awesome to come across one that I can make myself. It also gives me a reason to try out essential oils, something I’ve been meaning to get into for a while.”
double your page views
Tenns chose 10 Ways to Double Your Page Views from Classy Yet Trendy. “I’m always excited to come across blogging tips and learn something new. This was a really round up of different things bloggers can do to drive more traffic to their blogs. You can never have enough tools in your box!”
Tiffany also chose this post. “What amazing tips to help gain page views when it can honestly feel like a harder task than what it needs to be…with these steps you can do it each day with not too much extra effort.”
Natasha also chose this post. “I have been very interested in tips to take my blog to the next level. These are some amazing tips!”
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Jillian chose 20 (Less) Extreme Cheapskate Ways to Save More Money from Pretty Simple Ideas. “I chose this post because my husband and I are working on creating a better budget and sticking to it. This post provides tips to save even more money! Just what the doctor ordered!”
Jillian chose 7 Steps to Decluttering from Just Another Mom. “We’re going to be moving soon, and I will absolutely need to declutter. This post gives some great tips and examples on how to go about decluttering without becoming overwhelmed.”
Zografia chose DIY Simple Floating Artwork + Free SVG Cut Files from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. “I loved this idea! I am definitely trying something like this!”
Zografia chose How to Magnify Your Adsense Earnings with this Simple Trick from Live Randomly Simply. “We never stop learning! That’s a trick i will be using!”
Natasha also chose this post. “Amazing and simple trick! Thanks so much for sharing!”
Victoria chose Top Favorite Yoga Poses from The Crafty Side of Sarcasm. “I chose this post because I recently have gotten back into yoga and I was curious about the different yoga poses.”
Victoria chose 10 Ways to Save Money This Spring from Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller. “I chose this post because who doesn’t like saving money? I am on a debt free journey this year and I need all of the money saving tips that I can get.”
Tina chose No Sew Bandana Bib + Funday Monday from Lipgloss and Crayons. “What a beautiful bandana bib. A simple super cute bib, easy to make and adorable!!Thanks so much for sharing!”
Tina chose Rustic Serving Tray with Gold Arrow Accent from Simply Designing with Ashley Phipps. “I love this project, pure DIY that looks real good!! I love this tray , great as a gift!!I’m making one!!”
Mari chose DIY Lush 4-in-1 Bath Bomb Bar Recipe from Fry Sauce and Grits. “My two choices this week are Courtney’s bath bars I love cute and useable stuff in my bath so this is a must try for sure.”
Mari chose Banana Caramel French Toast + Big News! from Annie’s Noms. “I loved Annie’s French toast because of caramel and bananas mix! I can’t wait to try these at home.”
Latisha chose Basic Pancake Recipe – Fluffy and Delicious from The Wilderness Wife. “I love pancakes and between the photo and the description this blogger uses to describe this pancake makes my mouth water. I definitely want to try this recipe. Those pancakes look like they would put boxed pancake mix to shame.”
Latisha chose Homeschooling Kindergarten : What Subjects to Teach and For How Long? from Lina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus. “I am homeschooling a Kindergartener right now. I found this so helpful, to let me know if I am on the right track. I agree with everything said.”
Ginger chose Beaded Wreath from our very own Zografia from Bisozozo. “This is a simple yet really elegant decorating idea. I also love that it is so easy to customize.”
Ginger chose Paper Flower Backdrop: Flower Variations from Ash and Crafts. “This is a simple yet really elegant decorating idea. I also love that it is so easy to customize.”
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From Sarah at Grace in Oils: I am so excited to partner with Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures for this awesome giveaway! We are giving away three books & three Young Living essential oils. I originally got started with Young Living and essential oils in July 2014. I did a lot of research before choosing this company. I run a blog Grace In Oils (www.graceinoils.com) where I talk about my research, how I use essential oils, and other fun things! My goal with my blog and my Young Living business is to help bring essential oils into every home. I want everyone to know they can use essential oils! While I encourage research I also offer resources to those I enroll to help empower them to get answers to their questions. I chose Young Living due to their Seed to Seal guarantee and I go into that on my blog. If you are interested in starting your journey with Young Living I would LOVE to have you be a part of my team. I fully support those I enroll via online groups, an e-series, and more! I also offer a really amazing Welcome Kit free to those who choose to become a Wholesale Member with Young Living via purchase of a Premium Starter Kit (https://beta.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?sponsorid=1938897&enrollerid=1938897).

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Printable St. Patrick’s Day Scrapbook Layouts

scrapbook layouts

scrapbook layouts, scrapbook layout ideas, printables

I made these printable St. Patrick’s Day scrapbook pages and wanted to share them with you. Here’s my wish for each of you: 

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way –
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
~Author Unknown

Sunday’s Best – #11

Welcome to Week 11 of  Mother 2 Mother’s Sunday’s Best Linkup We’ve started our Spring Forward theme. Warm weather is around the corner, I saw Robins in my yard this week. Last week I had 6 inches of snow in my part of the world, so I’m hopeful that I there will be lots of green soon.  

Lets celebrate the arrival of warm weather with your Easter posts, crafts, recipes, gardening, decorating ideas, room makeovers, tablescapes, spring cleaning and organizational tips. Blow the dust off your old posts and link those too. Don’t have posts that fit into the theme, link up whatever post you would like to share. We would love to have SEO, blogging, and parenting tips, DIY projects, homesteading, homeschooling, and your posts on life.  Your linkups and giveaways are welcome too. Anything goes here, as long as it’s family friendly. 

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The Sunday’s Best Posts are:

Kim U. selected I Said Lies We Tell Ourselves from The Mad Mommy 

I selected Horses and Hairbows from Sequins In The South 

Kim M. selected 20 Copycat Recipes  from All She Cooks 

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How To Grow Bigger Tomatoes

kitchen gardening, growing tomatoes, gardening

Over the years, I’ve gardened by trial and error. I’ve become successful with growing tomatoes, garlic, onions, beans, pepper, squash, zucchini, and watermelon over the years.  These items are the staple of my garden for the most part. Today I’m going to share how I’ve managed to achieve large, beefy, and juicy, tomatoes. Some of my heirloom tomatoes weigh up to 1 – 2 pounds each.  Check out my other backyard vegetable gardening tips before you leave. Here are the steps that I take to grow big, juicy tomatoes:


1.  Tilled garden soil –  It all starts with your soil. I row garden on a 20 x 30 plot, so I till my garden and I till deeply. Many gardeners use the lasagna method, turned soil method or raised beds because they don’t require tilling. I garden as my grandfather did, so I’m old school.   Before the garden is tilled, I add in manure, which can be purchased from your local garden center.

2Organic compost – I use only organic material in my garden. This is composted leaves that took about 2 years to break down completely. Many gardeners call it Black Gold. I mix the compost into the soil before placing my tomato in the hole and side dress the plant with a nice helping of this compost. If you don’t have organic compost use dried, crushed eggshells in the hole before planting along with a dose of manure. The eggshells provide calcium.


3.  Plant deeply
– I remove the bottom leaves from the plant. Only the top leaves should be exposed as shown above.  You want your plant to have deep roots, so the deeper you plant the better.


natural garden fertilizer, gardening

4.  Provide natural fertilizer – Coffee grounds are an excellent natural fertilizer for tomato and pepper plants. I mix a few tablespoons in with my organic compost, above, and side dress around the entire base of the plant. Coffee grounds attract earthworms, which are great for aerating the soil, and keeps away snails and slugs which are detrimental to your plants. If you don’t have organic fertilizer, purchase Miracle Grow tomato fertilizer and spread around the base of your plants.

gardening, tomato gardening


5.  Weed Control – I use straw or leaves that I’ve collected during fall around my plants to keep weeds down and to retain moisture. Keeping the weeds under control is important, you don’t want them taking energy away from your plant.
gardening, companion planting
6.  Companion Plant – I use marigolds between my tomatoes and pepper plants. They’re great for pollination, which your plant needs to produce healthy fruit.
gardening, gardening weeding
7.  Proper Spacing – You will need to reach around your plants for care and harvest so make sure you give each plant adequate space. I create paths between my rows by layering newspaper or cardboard boxes that have been broken down. I cover the newspaper or cardboard with leaves or straw. This also reduces the amount of time that I spend weeding too.
8.  Water and fertilize regularly – Add 2 teaspoons of Epsom Salt to a gallon of water and give your plants a good drink when you initially plant and regularly thereafter.  Be sure to water at the base of your plant only, you don’t want garden soil splashing on it. You can use a spray bottle to spritz the foliage of your plants with the Epsom Salt mixture too. Also works with peppers.  I found CVS Epsom Salt on sale last season for half price, so I purchased several cartons.  It will make enough spray to last through several growing season.
I hope you find my tips on growing bigger tomatoes helpful. Try them, and you will grow bigger and juicier tomatoes too. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for additional gardening tips and posts and follow me on social media.
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Inspirational Quote – Fallen Snow

quotes, printables