Paci Clip Give Away

Look what we’ve found. You’re going to love them. Adorable Monkey Tails at BlueZoo Boutique. When owner Laurie Chau contacted me about her Monkey Tails, I just had to spread the word to my readers. They’re available in a variety of designs and colors. My favorite is the Aqua and Chocolate Monkey Tail with the aqua pacifier. It gets 3 snaps and a booty shake. It goes in grandma’s bag of fabulicious finds.

If you like unique, you’ll love the Diaper Pockets and Swaddle Wraps at the BlueZoo Boutique The Diaper Pocket holds a wipe case and 2 – 3 diapers. The Swaddle Wraps can be found in a variety of fun fabrics.

Laurie’s creativity doesn’t end there. She has fabulous Paci Pockets too. You’re wondering what a Paci Pocket is right? Well, I’m not going to tell you. You have to check this site out for yourself. I will tell you this, BlueZoo Boutique is offering one of our readers a personalized Monkey Tail. You choose the Monkey Tail and Laurie will personalized it up to 8 letters. Aren’t you glad you follow Giggles & Sugar Kisses and you’re one of the first to know about this great give away.

Here’s how you could become a winner: visit BlueZoo Boutique and leave us a comment on your favorite item. If you’re a subscriber of our blog, double your chances to win and enter twice. If you’re a subscriber to Giggles & Sugar Kisses’ Newsletter and the blog, you can become a triple threat and enter three times.

This give away ends January 5, 2009 and is open to US Residents 18+ only. Failure to leave a comment and a valid email address will result in disqualification. Have fun browsing BlueZoo Boutique and good luck.

Inspirational Tee Shirt Give Away

Giggles & Sugar Kisses is giving away this fabulous tee compliments of Words To Live By. Words To Live By was created by a phenomenal lady by the name of Denise Hart. After meeting Denise, I checked out her site and fell in love with her inspirational tees. I learned that she was a Theatre Professor, but she was also a 5 year breast cancer survivor. I also learned that Denise had lost her mother to the same breast cancer she had survived. She wanted to create her mother’s zest for life, thus Words To Live By was born.

Denise’s story touched me deeply. As a result, I wanted to do something to promote her Inspirational Tees and positive outlook on life. I wanted to also remind my readers and myself the importance of having regular breast examines. I decided to spread the word about her wonderful tees.

Words To Live By creates tees for women and girls. My favorite is When your life no longer fits change it. Oh, how this tee has fit my life so many times. As a matter of fact, I can apply this inspiration to my life now. I’m sure you can think of a relative or friend who needs a hug or a thank you. These tees would be a perfect gift.

I also love the Success starts early look at me tee. I believe this tee is perfect for any young lady. What a great way to promote self esteem. So many teens need positive reinforcement these days. This tee would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for a daughter, niece or the baby sitter. (I think I’ve found a Christmas gift for my daughter, lol).

Denise and I want to help you start the New Year on a positive note. You can win the Tee pictured. Just visit Words To Live By and let us know your favorite inspirational tee. If you’re a subscriber of my blog, you can enter twice. Become a triple threat, blog about these inspiration tees and you can enter three times. Don’t want to wait for the give away to end, enter Welcome at checkout for a 15% discount.
Give Away ends December 30 at mid-night. You must be 18+ to win and a US Resident. The winner will be selected randomly. Please leave a valid email address. Failure to provide a valid email will result in disqualification. Good Luck.

Pea Soup Accessories

Look what we’ve found while browsing the web. These layettes are made by Pea Soup Baby, and they are adorable.  I fall in love with the sets and immediately contacted owner Lori Rockoff.  Each set includes a tee, pants, and a matching set of booties and arrives ready for gift giving in an adorable organza pouch.  The sets are available in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months. The set shown happens to be my favorite, but Pea Soup Baby has cupcakes, baseball, cowboy, ice cream cones and many others. You must check them out. The set would be great for visiting grandma.  The set would make a perfect Christmas or baby shower gift.  Be sure to put one of these sets on your gift list.

Pea Soup Baby also has headbands, hats, and hair clips. You can find the Candy Layette to match the headbands shown above for the little princess on your Christmas list too. We have one word for this set, Sweet!

You will find great gift ideas at Pea Soup for any occasion. They have fabulous denim hats with crocheted appliques for boys and girls. My grandson will be sporting the football cap below. So adorable.  The hats are available in sizes 1 – 3 years. What toddler won’t love one of these. Imagine him or her in a pair of jeans and one of these denim caps.  We have three words, hip, trendy baby.
Pea Soup Accessories is offering a 15% discount to Mother-2-Mother readers. That’s right a 15% discount on your purchase. Enter M2M15 and your discount will be calculated. This offer is good until January 15, 2009. Hurry, you don’t want to miss out on these fabulous gift ideas.

Wordless Wednesday

Your Days Are Numbered!

Don’t Rock The Baby!

Don’t Rock That Baby! Ann Tillage, the owner and inventor of Baby Sharmooz has produced this informative book. Ann has produced 46 steps to assist mothers in their first year of parenting. The book consists of 78 pages and is a straight to the point guide for new moms and veterans who are expecting a new baby.

In addition to this great resource, Ann produces tees, bibs, onesies, hats, blankets and the patent pending Baby Sharmooz Headrest, which may reduce and/or eliminate infant balding. This lady is quite an entrepreneur. Ann has offered our reader a copy of Don’t Rock That Baby. You could win a copy, here’s how: Visit Don’t Rock That Baby and leave us a comment on her fabulous items. You can meet Ann and read more about this wonderful guide to parenting. It will make a great gift baby shower or Christmas gift for the new mother. Here’s the rules: Leave a comment and you will be entered once. If you subscribe or you are a subscriber to our blog, you may enter twice. Do both and subscribe to our newsletter at Giggles & Sugar Kisses or you are a subscriber, you may enter three times. Please ensure your email address is valid. Invalid addresses will be disqualified and a new winner selected. Link back to this blog and you can earn an extra entry. A winner will be selected by on December 30. This contest is open to US and Canada residents 18+ only. Book will be mailed directly from Don’t Rock The Baby. Good luck!

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Hail Hitler – I Don’t Think So!

I was on Twitter early, and one of the ladies that I follow mentioned Hitler in her post. Out of curiosity I clicked on the URL. The video was entitled, Obama Hitler Youth Style Brainwashing. For those who aren’t interested in clicking over, the video showed a group of young men speaking of Obama and pledging to make various commitments. When I first viewed the video, I didn’t understand the connection to Hitler.

As I read further, there where more posts referring to Hitler. I soon realized the ladies were referring to the group of young men, their military style dress and the fact they were performing somewhat in unison. Most importantly, the fact that they were speaking of Obama. I realize there are people in this country who are displeased with the new President Elect; however, to compare him and our youth to Hitler was beyond my comprehension. At this time I don’t know anyone on the face of this earth that is comparable to Hitler, and what he stood for, Black, White, Asian, Latino, Native American, or Bi-racial.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I am a subscriber of this lady’s newsletter and a member of her forum. I have been for years. As a result, I let her know my displeasure with her comment. I stated that to compare Obama and those young man to Hitler was one of the most ridiculous statements that I have read on Twitter.

I also let her know that the movements in the video were used in fraternities across the country as a form of discipline. She responded by saying, it wasn’t used in any colleges that she had attended or in any that she knew of. I gave her a few colleges that used the method of discipline, and explained that it was a version of dance called Stepping. The colleges that use this method of dicipline or dance are Spelman, Morehouse, Howard University, Hampton University and many others. She stated that it wasn’t for her and her children.

As adults don’t we learn that not everything is for everybody. Is this video worthy of a comparison to Hitler? I don’t think so. Personally, I think it’s a sad day when Obama and these young men are compared to Hitler. The thinking is beyond me. I would love to hear your thoughts on this video and the comparison to Hitler.

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Obama Mania

The world is in love with Barack Obama it seems. It’s amazing to watch someone who was scarcely known several years ago become a national and international phenomenon. Parents are naming their children after Barack, Michelle, and their two beautiful daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama. Seven children in Africa have been named after President Elect Obama. Florida, Maryland, and Arkansas couples have named their children after President Elect Obama and soon to be First Lady Michelle and their children.

I became aware of President Elect Obama several years ago on Oprah. He was promoting his book, Audacity of Hope. My first thought, was who is Barack Obama. I decided to watch, and within 5 minutes I was enthralled. I found him to be a fascinating man, and completely understood why Oprah was fawning over him. I soon learned that Barack Obama was a highly intelligent U.S. Senator with an interesting background.

People around the world are not only celebrating the fact that he is America’s first black President, they are also celebrating the fact that America has changed forever. We have watched the most powerful country in the world show that it is time for change. A country that was built on the backs of diverse people has sent a message to the world that there is hope for everyone here and we would like to live peacefully among our brethren. We also sent the message, that no matter who you are, if you work hard enough you can succeed in achieving the American Dream, whatever it may be for you. Regardless of your political affiliation, isn’t it wonderful to know that we, as a country, can come together and have a say in our country’s direction. We are the epitome of freedom.

I hope this country can recover from the economic and financial hardship that we have found ourselves in as well as end the two wars that we are currently embroiled in. I pray that President Elect Obama is given the support and insight needed to lead us back to a place of peace and respect in the world. Oh how beautiful it is to be a part of America’s history. Hail to the Red, White and Blue.

I would love to know your thoughts regarding this incredible 2 year journey, that is as long as they are not offensive.

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Wordless Wednesday

Pimp My Ride!

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Personalized Children’s CD Give Away

Giggles & Sugar Kisses maintains a list of the Top 100 Baby Boutiques and Shops on the web. Each month I check our new sites and several of the more established to see if anything new or interesting has been added. This month Kids Personalized Music joined our Top List, and we have a jewel. This site offers CDs from lullabies to personalized stories. Several of the CDs are offered in Spanish. After listening to several samples, I was so excited that I contacted the ower of the site to inquire about the product. I wish I had checked them out before my grandson’s birthday, I would have purchased the Birthday CD. My grandson loves music. These CDs get 3 snaps, a booty shake and go into grandma’s bag.

Victoria, owner of the site, said she and her husband discovered the personalized music by accident. She said they were attending a festival in South Florida with her husband, and the background music caught their attention! Each song had a child’s name in it. She said they were totally captivated and they walked away with six of the twenty four CDs that mentioned their grand kids names, lol. They were obviously sold. They are now offering personalized CDs.

Victoria has been kind enough to offer our readers a personalized Birthday CD either in English or Spanish. This CD will make a great birthday gift. You could be the winner of this fabulous CD! Here’s how: Check out the Kids Personalized Music site and leave us a comment on your favorite CD. I also liked the You’re An Angel CD, which contains lullabies, and the Nursery Rhymes CD. My grandson’s name is Xavier. It was so much fun to hear his name throughout the CD.
You can double your chances of winning by subscribing to our blog and triple your chances of winning by subscribing to our Giggles & Sugar Kisses newsletter. The last winner of our Give Away had a triple entry. It paid off.

This give way ends mid-night November 15 and is open to US and Canada residents 18+. The winner will have 3 days to respond to the notification. Failure to respond will result in a disqualification. Posts with invalid email addresses will be disqualified as well. Have fun browsing and listening to the music samples, and good luck.

For more Bloggy Give Aways click here.
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Mia Bella Votive Candles Give Away

Giggles & Sugar Kisses is giving away 12 Mia Bella Votive Candles. You could be a winner. Here’s how: Visit Giggles & Sugar Kisses and leave us a comment on your favorite item. If you’re a subscriber or you subscribe to our blog you can enter twice. If you’re a subscriber or you subcribe to the Giggles & Sugar Kisses newsletter and you can enter three times.

Votive candles will be mailed directly from Thirty One. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you. Contest expires mid-night November 20, 2008 and is open to all US Residents 18+. Winner will have 3 days to submit name and address information. Failure to contact us within 72 hours will result in a disqualification. Good Luck!

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