Sara Rose Tutu Gift Certificate Give Away

Every little girl dreams of being a ballerina. Make her dreams come true with a Sara Rose Tutu. Stacy Derrick is the owner of Sara Rose Tutus. The boutique is named after her beautiful daughter, Sara Rose. The tutus that she makes are absolutely adorable. If I had a little girl I would buy a one in every color, lol. Sara Rose Tutus has a very diverse selection to choose from. The pumpkin (shown) and the angel tutus are from their Halloween Collection. Wouldn’t your little darling be a treat in these numbers? They also have an adorable kitty cat custom that will make you purr.

In addition to the Halloween Collection, tutus are available in white, purple & lavender, pink and the list goes on. My favorite is the aqua shown. Don’t see a color that you like? Tutus can be custom made in a color of your choosing. They are hand-tied and available in sizes newborn to adult. These tutus get 3 snaps, a booty shake, and they go in my Grandma Bag!

Sara Rose Tutus has graciouly offered a $25.00 Gift Certificate toward the purchase of a tutu for our readers. What a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. Just imagine your little princess in a custom created tutu. She will cherish it forever. You could be a winner! Here’s how: Visit Sara Rose Tutus and leave us a comment on which is your favorite. Subscribe to our blog and you can post twice. Triple your chances, subscribe to our News Letter at Giggles & Sugar Kisses. Be sure to leave your email address in your post so we can contact the winner. Posts with invalid email addresses will be disqualified.

This contest is open to anyone who is 18 or older, and ends September 30, 2008 at mid-night. Winner has 3 days to contact us. Sara Rose Tutus Gift Certificate expires December 31, 2009.

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Teens Are Sending Nude Photos

Is your teenage daughter sending nude photos? There’s a big concern among parents of teens, girls are sending nude photos of themselves to their boyfriends over their cell phone. There have been incidents where the photos have ended up on the internet or passed to other boys. Teens are landing in court as a result of it. Teens don’t know that it’s illegal if both parties have not agreed that the photo could be posted on the internet or passed to another person.

School officials decided to confiscate cell phones in Santa Fe, Texas because nude photos of two girls in junior high were being circulating through out the school. Apparently the girls thought it was a good idea to send nude photos to their boyfriends. Their boyfriends thought it was a good idea to send the nude photos to their friends.

In another incident, teenage girls sent nude pictures on their phones to their boyfriends and the boyfriends decided to make DVDs and sell them.

Poor judgement, to say the least. These incidents of poor judgement are landing the males in court with a record and the girls are being humiliated. Not only are they being humiliated, they’re now worried that these photos will resurface down the road. Their lives could be ruined as a result of a moment of poor judgement.

My daughter didn’t have a cell phone until she was in college. My niece who is 16, has a blackberry. So do many of her friends. Teens having a cell phone is a must these days. So they say. As a parent, I can’t imagine discovering that my teen daughter sent nude photos of herself to a boyfriend and than worrying for the rest of my life they could resurface and ruin her. Until I came across an article posted on the web regarding this trend, I never thought about teens using their cell phone to send nude photos. Am I Naiive? It’s real, police are hosting seminars so they can inform parents of how they can prevent this tragedy from occurring in their home. From one mother to another, listen up and take action before your teen makes this mistake. If you’re an aunt or an uncle of a teen make this a topic of conversation, they will love you for it.

Wordless Wednesday

Look at me Grandma!

I Don’t Want To See Mommy, lets stay here with Gran!

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A Little Lamb

My grandson was baptized on Sunday. He was the perfect little angel the entire service. The christening set that I purchased for him was absolutley adorable. I didn’t win on the little knee socks to go with the outfit, my son-in-law refused to allow his son to wear knee socks, lol.
During the service, I was worried that Xavier would start screaming when our pastor put the holy water on his head, but he just followed every move the pastor made and cooperated as if he knew exactly what was going on. He even extended his hand to the pastor after the service, it was so funny. My daughter was baptized in this church 29 years too, so being able to see him baptized here as well made the day even more special.

We ended the day with a delicious brunch after the service with a few family members and friends. The weather was beautiful. Xavier ended his special day by sticking his hands in the cake and enjoying the icing. That was his first taste of this creamy goodiness.  The bakery did an excellent job with the cake. Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious.
My grandson, is truly a Lamb of God.

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Mia Bella Candle Winner

Pamela Broome is the winner of our Mia Bella votive candle Give Away.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Our next Mia Bella candle Give Away starts September 1.
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Wordless Wednesday

Coming Through!
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Fish Pedicure

Would you indulge in a Fish Pedicure? It’s the rage! I first saw the advertisement on CNN, and my first reaction was OMG who would let fish nibble at their feet. Shortly thereafter there was an article on the pedicure in our local newspaper. Over 5,000 people have tried Dr. Fish and the reviews are great. John Ho, who runs the Yvonne Hair and Nails salon with his wife, Yvonne Le, in Alexandria, VA, is offering this unique treatment as part of their pedicure. They are the only salon in the country to offer the treatment, which costs $35 for 15 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes. The technique originated in Turkey and moved to Asia.

The salon uses tiny carp to perform the dead skin extraction in place of razors and other traditional pedicure tools. Customers say it tickles, but its very relaxing and the carp leave the feet silky smooth. The carp are toothless, so their can be no harm to customer’s feet. One customer who is an athlete says it’s the first time that she’s ever had a pedicure and all of her callouses were completely removed. I’m telling you customers are swearing by this pedicure. The spa has more than 1,000 fish, with about 100 in each individual pedicure tank at any given time.

I can’t resist any longer, I’m going to make an appointment within the next two weeks and test out this technique. I’ll post about my experience, so stay tuned for my adventure with Dr. Fish.
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Infant/Toddler T-Shirt Give Away

Check out the shirts created by Funny Tees.  Betty at Funny Tees carries both children and adult t-shirts in a variety of styles and colors. Betty said, “I find it my calling in life to make people around the world laugh. I certainly giggle when someone buys a t-shirt that says “It took me 90 years to looks this good” and I would imagine that people laugh when that shirt is worn. I’ve always worn funny t-shirts & get a kick of the reaction from others. We all live such hurried, stressful lives that if we can make someone giggle it’s a blessing for us both”. These tees get 3 snaps, a booty shake, and the I’m The Boss tee will go into my Grandma bag.

Funny Tees offers funny shirts for everyone in a variety of categories including: Redneck/Texan, Holy, Childrens, World, and Battle of the Sexes. They make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas or just because they’re funny. We’re Giving Away the shirt pictured above to one of our lucky readers. You could win, here’s how: browse Funny Tees, and leave us a comment on your favorite shirt. For an extra entry subscribe to our blog. Give Away ends September 15 at mid-night, and is open to all US and Canada residents 18 and over. One entry per person please.

We will randomly select a winner from our posts. I will contact the winner for the size and letter color for the shirt. The prize will ship directly to the winner from Cafe Press.

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Wordless Wednesday

Home Of The Three Bears!
This is actually a miniature house built in 1929 in my home town.  It was built by the local college so student teachers could observe children playing.  I used to play in it when I was a child.  It contains 5 rooms, and measures 10 feet high by 9-1/2 feet wide, with 5 1/2 foot ceilings.  Isn’t it adorable!
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Personalized Children’s Book Give Away

Make your child a hero in a personalized book. I purchased The Three Little Pigs for my grandson at DH Children’s Books, and I thought I would share this great find. It’s adorable. The books feature the child’s name, the city and state where they live, family and friends names and more throughout the story! They are each 6 x 9 and are filled with beautiful illustrations. The books are made with a washable, hard cover and contains approximately 24 pages.

Dale, the owner of DH Books, has a diverse selection. You can choose from Sesame Street, Batman, Superman, and Beauty and the Beast to name a few. These books make great birthday, Christmas or baby shower gifts. They are a great way to get your child to read as well. We know how tough that can be, but reading is key to success in any child’s life and should begin at home. Imagine the look on your child’s face when he reads or hears his name throughout the story. Dale also offers baby books and personalized CDs, and he has been gracious enough to offer a Give Away on one of his deluxe personalized books. This book gets 3 Snaps and has earned a place in my Grandma Bag!

To enter into our Give Away, you must visit DH Children’s Books, take a look around and than leave us a comment on which book you would like to win from the Deluxe Book Section. We will enter you into our Give Away. For an extra entry, subscribe to our blog. Be sure to leave your email address or your entry will be disqualified. One entry per person please. This Give Away will expire September 1 at midnight and is open to US residents only. We will contact the winner for their personalized information, and DH Books will ship your personalized book directly. Good signature