Cook’s Ham Give Away

The holidays are approaching and delicious meals will grace tables around the country. There’s nothing better than a yummy ham surrounded with all the trimmings. I was thrilled when a representative from Cook’s offered Mother 2 Mother a tasty ham. I browsed their site and I found so many helpful tips on hams. They have information on How To Purchase A Ham, How to Cut The Ham, How To Garnish A Ham, and the list goes on.

Cook’s Site explains the benefits and advantages of Bone In Hams, Spiral Hams, and Boneless Hams. Not only can you find delicious hams, you can find ideas on setting the table, activities to do with the kids and tips on wrapping gifts on Cook’s site too. I love the Spiral Hams. They make great sandwiches and are wonderful in casseroles.
Would you like one of Cook’s delicious hams for your Christmas dinner? You can win one here. Just leave us a post and tell us about a Dinner Disaster that you’ve experienced or witnessed while you were a guest.
I have a Dinner Disaster. I ruined my stuffing last year at Christmas dinner. I fry my turkey, so I make my stuffing as a side dish. I purchased Seasoned Salt that I normally use, and they had changed the top on the bottle. I didn’t realize they had incorporated the shaker portion of the bottle into the cap. Instead of taking the cap off and shaking the seasoning, you now have to lift the top on the cap and shake the seasoning from there. I took the cap off as I normally do, and I poured way too much seasoning into the stuffing. It was ruined. It was too late to make a store run and there was no way I could salvage the stuffing and the ingredients. Have you ever served turkey with no stuffing? Not good at a holiday meal. My family still talks about me and the fact that they couldn’t pour gravy over their mashed potatoes and stuffing.
Tell us your story and we will randomly select a winner from the posts. We will send you a coupon for a Free Cook’s Ham up to $30.00. Don’t have a Dinner Disaster, visit Cook’s and tell us which ham you will purchase if you’re the winner. Cook’s also list the stores in your area that sell their hams. Check it out.
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This give away will end December 15, 2009 at mid-night. It is open to US Residents 18+ only. Winner will have 2 days to respond to notification. Failure to respond will result in disqualification and another winner will be selected. We would like the recipient to receive the coupon so they can purchase the ham for Christmas or New Years dinner.
Good luck!

Children’s Shoes Give Away

Looking for an adorable pair of shoes for your little one? We have found the most adorable shoes at 5 Lil Monkeys. I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review a pair of their shoes. I choose these blue suede shoes by Kai for my grandson. I’m glad I did, he loves them. My grandson couldn’t wait for me to get them out the box. He immediately take off the ones he was wearing, and put these on.

These blue suede shoes are so cute. Elvis would have loved them too. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. As you can see they have a white stitching, which really draws your eyes to the shoes. They are so soft and have a box toe so there’s plenty of wiggle room for those little tootsies. I also love the thick, rubber sole. You know that you have a sturdy and quality shoe. What I love most about the shoe is the velcro closure. They are so easy to get off and on. As a mother or father, you know what it is like when you have a 2 year old that’s ready to jump off your lap so they can play with a toy or run. This velcro closure is heavenly. No strings to tie over and over. My grandson will get plenty of wear out of them this winter. They look great with jeans. This is my first encounter with Kai shoes, I’m sold.

5 Lil Monkeys has a diverse selection of shoes to choose from. They carry Pediped, Rileyroos, Squeaker and Wee Squeaks. I’m quite pleased with their selection of shoes for little boys. The black and white shoes above would be so cute for Sundays or any occassion requiring formal wear. You can always find adorable shoes for girls, but boys are a different story. I’ll be visiting the 5 Lil Monkeys often. They carry as many adorable shoes for boys as they do for girls. I have my eye on a pair of sandals for my little sweetie for the summer. This site has been Bookmarked!

Too bad I don’t have a little girl. Look at these cupcake shoes. You can find then at 5 Lil Monkeys. Don’t you love the colors. These would look great with jeans, skirts and tights or shorts. They are made by Squeaker Sneaker. In addition to the cupcake, you can find them with ladybugs, sunflowers, strawberries, apples and balloons. This is a fun shoe for any little girl to wear, and they are Pediatrician recommended.
Susana Castaneda, co-owner, of 5 Lil Monkeys wants one of our readers to enjoy a pair of shoes from their store. The winner chooses. You could be that lucky person. Just visit 5 Lil Monkeys and let us know what pair of shoes you would like to win and the size. (Please select from the inventory on their site). Leave us a comment with a valid email address and we will randomly select a winner from the posts.
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Mattel’s Burqa Barbie Controversy

Barbie is involved in another controversy, i.e. Burqa Barbie. It seems that Mattel has offended some Islamic women, and they’re demanding that Mattel take note. Mattel has produced 500 Barbies in a Burqa for auction in Italy. The auction is part of Barbie’s 50th anniversary. Proceeds will go to the Rewrite the Future, a charity, which helps millions of children around the world effected by conflict.

A representative from Mattel has stated, “I think this is really important for girls, wherever they are from they should have the opportunity to play with a Barbie that they feel represents them”.

Muslim women are offended because the Burqa is not a true representation of Islamic dress, so where is Mattel coming from? Islamic women are fighting to not have to wear a Burqa. The Burqa is believed by Muslim women to be a garment forced on them during the Taliban, it is not mentioned in the Quran; therefore, it should not be seen as a part of their traditional dress. The Quran is our Bible. They see the Burqa as a means to oppress women. Muslim women are required to wear Hijabs, a scarf, to cover their heads and to dress modestly only. The Burqa is worn over a woman’s normal dress when she is outside the home in some Islamic countries. It is made to cover them from head to toe. Because of political instability, it was seen as a way of protecting women so they were forced to wear them.

I normally don’t post on religious or cultural issues, but I believe this concern was important enough to bring to light. Especially since it involved a toy maker. I am somewhat knowledgeable of Islam and I am aware that Islamic women are fighting for rights as women. Rights that we take for granted in this country. Muslim women believe that Mattel should have taken the time to understand the Islamic culture and what it represents before they produced a doll that supposedly represents traditional Islamic dress. Especially, a Barbie doll that little girls will be playing with. Burqas are currently the center of a big controversy in Western Europe. They are being banned because they are not a part of the traditional Islamic dress.I posted on the Burqa Barbie because so many problems are created simply because statements and opinions are formed without having all the facts. What’s funny is Mattel’s Barbie has been banned in most Islamic countries. They see her as being too westernized for their little girls. She has been replaced with the Fulla doll (shown above). This doll is more culturally correct as far as Islamic dress than the Burqa Barbie produced by Mattel.

I patronize Mattel and I will continue; however, a little research will go a long way when it comes to cultural and religious issues. Do you think Mattel should have done their homework before they produced a culturally incorrect Barbie? Do you think the focus was on money rather than the fight of Islamic women for their rights? Would love to hear your thoughts on the Burqa Barbie.

Divorce Cakes

Going through a divorce or separation? Call the girls or guys and celebrate your new freedom with a slice of Divorce Cake. It’s the thing to do, really it is. No more crying on your pillow or wondering what you’re going to do with your life. Get your party on. Hell call the cater who made your wedding cake and flip the switch. Tell them you have a new reason to celebrate, and you would like a custom cake for the occasion.

Don’t like the cake shown, they’ll make one with you sticking a knife in his or her back or heart or pushing your spouse over the edge. Anyway you want it, they can give it to you. When I first saw the cakes, I was like WTH. After I thought about it, I concluded that maybe it was a good idea. If it’s over, it’s over. I spent months crying, feeling lonely, and wondering what my next move would be. I spent hours on the phone with my girlfriends shedding tears and wondering how I ended up heading for divorce court. When I look back on it, I wish I had used my energy in other ways. A party was the last thing on my mind, but it probably would have been a good idea. Having a party sure sounds better than crying on your pillow.

For those who are in the party/celebration mode here’s another idea for you. Just shoot each other, lol. The baker of the cakes, Kay Millar, owns Pink Rose Cakes. She’s located in the United Kingdom, but Kay stated that the cakes were popular in the United States first. The cakes are intended to lighten the mood associated with divorce. They are a nice way to announce that you’re available again.

There has been complaints that the cakes are too violent or promoting violence. My response to that, don’t buy one. I believe that a bakery should be able to to make them if a customer chooses to order one. I also believe that a person should be able to celebrate or grieve over their divorce too. I think the idea is pretty entertaining and good for a laugh or two. What’s your thoughts? We would love to know what you think about the Divorce Cakes.

Don’t Air Your Laundry In This Neighborhood

I remember the day when sheets, towels, jeans and shirts would have been hanging from these clothes pins. Few people hang their laundry outside these days. I for one don’t, but both of my neighbors hang their laundry out. I have often thought about purchasing a clothes line, but only for a brief moment.

Watching my neighbors hang their laundry has brought back memories of wringer washes, wash tubs, scrub boards, and spray starch. My mother had a wringer washer and clothes line for years. She starched more shirts and doilies than I care to count. I remember getting my fingers caught in that damn wringer on many occasions too. I did love the smell of my sheets when I was growing up. They always smelled so fresh. On the other hand, I also have memories of frozen jeans, stiff towels and cold fingers from being out in the cold and taking the laundry down. It’s those memories that make me run thankfully to my dryer where I can open it to find nice, warm, wrinkle free laundry.

Did you know there’s a fight going on in America over laundry? Women want the right to air their laundry, but local ordinances are keeping laundry out of backyards. It seems that most developers place this restriction in their covenants, but 5 states have made it a law that you can hang your laundry in your yard. These state include: Florida, Utah, Maine, Vermont, Colorado, and Hawaii. Additional states are thinking about lifting the ban on airing laundry. It seems that in most states neighbors aren’t interested in seeing other neighbor’s sheets and/or unmentionables blowing in the wind. Many believe it trashes the neighborhood. Gone are the days of wringer washers and wash tubs on the back porch, but shouldn’t a home owner have the right to hang boxers, bras and booty shorts out if they wish?

I don’t find either of my neighbor’s laundry embarrassing or trashy. I must admit I have glanced at the undies and wondered if my ass was big as the briefs they had hanging on their line, and vowed to hit the treadmill more often. Other than that, it’s just laundry.

Laundry blowing in the wind used to be a common sight in the neighborhood when I was growing up, but we didn’t live in a neighborhood of $200,00, $300,000 or $400,000 homes either. People seem to be focused more on looks rather than saving energy and having fresh smelling sheets these days. Seeing laundry in the backyards of homes of this caliber is most unusual, but Project Laundry List may end the ban on sheets blowing in the wind in the swankiest of neighborhoods. They are fighting for the rights of home owners everywhere to air their laundry.

It’s doubtful that I will join in the fight to air my dainties. Although I do miss the smell of fresh sheets, I love my dryer and the delicate cycle too much. I do wish those who want to hang their laundry in their yard the best.

Will you be joining the fight? Leave us a comment and let us know if you or your neighbors hang your laundry out and your thoughts.

Wordless Wednesday

Chocolate, you’re the bestest Mama!

I Won’t Leave My Child To Fight In A War

Meet Army Spc. Alexis Hutchinson, 21. Spc. Hutchinson refused deployment to Afghanistan because she didn’t have anyone to care for her child. Here’s her story, she initially thought her mother would be able to care for her 10 month old son during her year deployment; however, her mother changed her mind at the last minute. You see her mother is currently caring for her elderly mother, her sister and a special needs daughter. In addition to caring for 3 family members, she runs a daycare with 14 children during the day. Her mother stated that the baby would need more care than she would be able to provide with her current responsibilities, so she reneged.

Spc. Hutchinson requested additional time to make arrangements for the baby, but instead of receiving additional time she was ordered to place her child in foster care and deploy as scheduled. She was unable to make other arrangements and refused to place her baby in foster care. She was arrested for not deploying as ordered. Although no criminal charges have been filed against her, she has been confined to her base in Savannah, GA. This soldier is a single mom who is no longer connected to her baby’s daddy. She had no where to turn, and she made the choice that any true mother would make. She refused to leave her 10-month old baby in the care of a stranger while she entered a combat zone. I say you go momma.
Now according to an Army spokesman, the Army would not deploy a soldier who had no one to care for their child. According to Spc. Hutchinson, she was denied additional time to find someone to care for her baby. The Army has vowed to get to the bottom of it what exactly took place with this mother and her superiors. In the meantime, her mother has retrieved the infant since her daughter’s arrest and is caring for him in spite of the burden that it has placed on her.
I will leave my personal views on the wars that we are currently engaged in out of this post, but I applaud this young mother for refusing to leave her child to go to war. I hope that serious actions are taken against the superior who ordered this young lady into a combat zone at the expense of her child. You have to be a pretty heartless person to give that command.
Would you have deployed or placed out your hands for the bracelet? I would have been arrested, there’s no way I would have placed my child in foster care especially if I was placing my life on the line. This young mother would have had no peace of mind while she was there. How could she, she would have no idea where her child was or who was caring for him. How could she focus in a war zone not knowing? I would love to hear your opinion on this young mother and what you would have done had you been in her shoes. Please leave us a comment.

Results of Poll – Should Disruptive Children Be Removed From Planes?

The result of our poll is in. The question – Do you agree with airlines, Disruptive Children Should Be Removed From Planes? Here’s the results: 52% yes, 47% no and 1% unsure.

As a regular traveler, I voted yes. It was a tough call for me as a mother, but I am grateful that the airline will be placing my safety first, especially at 32,000 feet.

God Is With Me – Children’s Book Give Away

I had the opportunity to review two wonderful books, God Is With Me Through The Night and God Is With Me Through The Day. These books were written by Julie Cantrell, a certified speech-language pathologist, with years of experience helping children develop communication skills. Julie currently writes for Princeton Health Care System and FNC, Inc.

I loved both of the books, they contain beautiful stock photos and the wording is simple. The books are very similar, but I really appreciated God Is With Me Through The Night. I’m partial to deer, so I was drawn to the cover. Also, because I think it is in line with the author’s goal. The author wrote the book for her daughter, who was afraid of the dark and suffered from nightmares. Ms. Cantrell’s intention was to not publish the book initially, but to create a story that would let her daughter know she was safe and she wasn’t alone at night. Ms. Cantrell stated, “When her friends would sleep over, they all enjoyed the book and wanted me to print copies for them. Then the neighborhood kids asked for copies.”

The story lines in the books are simple. She’s used beautiful photos of baby animals expressing their fears and loving pictures of baby animals with their mommy assuring them they are safe at night and during the day to engage the child’s attention. The books are useful in building the child’s faith in God as well. Ms. Cantrell conducted research and with data to support the design of the books, and a gut instinct that families would enjoy reading the book again and again, she decided to move forward with publishing. The books are receiving positive feed back from parents and children.

My 2 year old grandson gets excited when he sees the books. I’ve read them every day since I’ve received them. He’s partial to the God Is With Me Through The Day book. I believe he finds the color of the cover stimulating and likes the puppy on the cover. I love that the author expanded her idea to include the fact that children face fears during the day as well. I believe we will get a lot of mileage out of these books. Another plus is that they have a hard back cover. I found one with little sticky finger prints. My grandson loves pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, so guess who was the culprit. A damp cloth easily removed the breakfast remnants.
Ms. Cantrell wanted our readers to experience these beautiful book too, so we’re offering a set to one of our readers. They will help guide your child through their fears and let them know they are not alone and they will be protected and loved. Here’s how you could win: Leave us a comment on one of your child’s fears or visit Ms. Cantrell’s blog and read her tips on how to help your child with their fears. Leave a comment on how you think Ms. Cantrell’s tips could help you.You can also find activities to go along with the books on Ms. Cantrell’s blog, Julie’s Journal. Want extra entries:Follow our blog (1 entry)
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This give away will end December 14 at mid-night. Give away is open to US Resident 18+ only.


Home For The Holiday Give Away

Looking for a few give aways to enter? Gather, has the following give aways going on.  Stop by and enter:

Is there someone special you wish you could see over the holidays this year? Gather is currently hosting a Home for the Holidays program where you can win either a trip home for yourself or bring someone you care about come home to see you!

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