3 Ideas To Achieve The Perfect Alternative To Christmas Dinner


alternative christmas ideas


Turkey and ham are great, but every year you yearn for something different.  However, every year you succumb to tradition.  It’s not that you don’t enjoy having the family around the table.  Who doesn’t love feasting on turkey, roasted potatoes, rich red wine gravy and bejeweled Christmas pudding.  But, you’re constantly thinking how it might be nice to mix it up once in a while.  There are plenty of ways in which you can still enjoy an alternative menu on Christmas Day.  Most importantly, you’ll be making new edible traditions for the family in the process.

First, you need to decide what sort of alternative cuisine you would enjoy.  Also, if there are any dietary requirements in your family make sure they are accounted for.  There’s no point serving chestnuts roasted with paprika and chili if your grandma is allergic to nuts. Take your time and explore all your options.


Alternative Christmas Dinner Ideas

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Think Outside The Box

You may wish to forgo your oven and explore an entirely different method of cooking Christmas dinner this season.  Furthermore, you might like the idea of getting a smoker like the one available at BillyOh Barbecues.  You can cure and smoke your own salmon and herring.  Furthermore, it will save you a trip to the grocery store for a side of Gravlax or Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout.  You could take the barbeque theme even further, throw a few Ribeyes and Chops on the grill.  By embracing  different Christmas cuisines like a festive barbecue, you’ll ensure dinner on Christmas Day will be one to remember.


You may want to encapsulate a theme for your Christmas party.  Perhaps a Hawaiian themed party or a festive winter theme.  You can include a buffet or ‘bring a dish’ style dinner party.  Whatever theme you choose, you will want the food to be delicious.  So, choose wisely and embrace your ideas wholeheartedly.  Additionally, give your family plenty of notice.  They’ll enjoy experiencing something new over the holidays, and will love that you are hosting the party.

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Your Experience

Perhaps it is the environment that needs to be a little different this year.  You could take a trip and volunteer for Christmas.  If travel is not an option, volunteer with a local charity.  An alternative to hosting Christmas dinner at home is to dish out a traditional dinner at the local homeless shelter.  You could also welcome a lonely senior into your home for Christmas lunch. You may find that doing a good deed on December 25th is all you need to feel like you’re making a difference.  By giving back to the local community over the holidays, you’ll be the epitome of showing goodwill to all men.

So, Christmas is a time of celebration, giving thanks and enjoying quality time with family and friends.  There’s no better way to share in the joy of the holiday season than whipping up Christmas dinner or treats in the kitchen for those around you to enjoy.



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