Adorable Rain Gear For Toddlers

I purchased this adorable frog rain set for my grandson several months ago.  We had taken him and my granddaughter to The Picture People for photos, and they had this adorable Kidorable set as a prop.  I couldn’t get my grandson out of it.  Each time we walked toward him, he would take off running.  Finally I bargained,  I told him that I would purchase a set for him if he would take it off so we could leave.  Now, I normally don’t bargain with my grandchildren, but since I had fallen in love with it too it was a win-win situation.  I found the set at Amazon.  Depending on size, the rain boots are up to $32.00, the umbrella $13.00, and the jacket up to $30.00.  

Kidorable also has the set in ladybug, fireman, dinosaur, and a pirate to name a few.  This set would make a great birthday or Christmas gift.  The boots are perfect for those rainy days ahead and the umbrella is just as adorable.  This will surely generate a few giggles too.

We know your time is precious, so we surfed the net for the best price.  You can purchase these great gift ideas at Macy’s.  They have 20% off the set. 

Isn’t my grandson adorable in his froggy gear? 



  1. Hmmm… I can't remember if there was a misspelling in that comment or another one on another post, but please forgive me. I really don't like leaving misspellings. I keep meaning to fix it and then promptly forget!

  2. That's cute. I have seen those before! I call my youngest ladybug so that would definitely be great for her. My son is supposedly too old for that kind of stuff… ahem! But he'd probably go for some fatigue or camoflauge type boots. LOL… His favorite color is green though. Think I can sneak a 9-year-old into a froggy raincoat. 🙂 Your grandson looks adorable. I'm sure he'll love splashing in the rain with that!

  3. @J – Initially, it's expensive.  As you can see, it's a little big on him.  He'll have it for several seasons, so in the end not so expensive. 

  4. Yes! he is adorable in his froggy gear! I have seen froggy and ladybug boots but never the entire set…"expensive, but worth it" as they say!