A Cookbook Tribute

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I lost one of my aunts, my mother’s sister, last year and wanted to do a tribute in her honor. I put together this cook book filled with recipes from family, friends, and co-workers. I’m so happy with how it turned out and wanted to share it with you.  This cover called to me so I choose it for the book. It reminded me of the little church that my family built years ago. I had the front and back cover laminated to preserve it from any spills, so the photo is a little blurry, Sorry about that.

cookbook sections

I added a section of my favorite family quotes, four sections which included Appetizers, Beverages & Dip, Main Dishes, Sides, and Desserts. I gathered 200 recipes from family, friends, and co-workers to include in the book. It also includes a few of my aunt’s recipes, so the book is even more special to me. I plan to retire from my day job in October, so Mother 2 Mother will be sharing lots of recipes from this book.   

The company that I worked with, G & R Publishing, was great. They added a section filled with craft ideas for kids. I will also be sharing some of the crafts from the book in future posts.     

cookbook ideas

I finished the back with a picture of my family’s church and my favorite Bible verse. This church was used for services after our annual family reunion for years.  Now that my aunts and uncles are getting up in age, not so much anymore. There’s a cemetery on the grounds of the church where my grandparents and other ancestors are buried. This church was actually build by my ancestors along with a one room log schoolhouse in 1848 on 12 acres.  It is located in a town named after my family, Johnsontown, WV.

My family is thrilled with the cookbook.  If you ever want to do a tribute to a family member or friend, consider putting together a cookbook. Life is celebrated with good food, family and friends. I put my foot into it as the saying goes when I’m cooking, but I also put my heart into my dishes. This is a perfect way to remember those who are no longer with us, but will always be in our hearts.



  1. How Cool! I bet they all loved it. Well done!

  2. Rhonda, it looks awesome. Congrats on how it turned out and I am sure you and your fam are very proud of the outcome.