8 Back To School Shopping Tips

back to school tips, back to school shopping tips


Back to school!  It’s that time of year and it’s right around the corner.  We’re heading to the malls and stores for back to school clothes, book bags, lunch boxes, and paper supplies.  Set a budget and seek out bargains.  Wondering how to stay on track with your budget? Here are a few tips:


  1. Have a List in Hand When You Shop – A list will keep you on track and help to not make purchases that your really don’t need.  
  2. Check Your Child’s Closet Before You Shop – Before you head to the store, check to see if your child has clothing that can be used or passed down. A new shirt/tee can dress up an old pair of jeans.  A scarf can dress up an old shirt.  
  3. Recycle Old Jeans – If your daughter can still wear jeans from last year get creative. Add a design with jewels or paint.  You can turn the old into new.  Make it a mother-daughter project.  
  4. Don’t make large purchases – Don’t purchase everything at once.  It may save on time, but you will most likely spend more if you’re not purchasing sale items.  Set aside several week-ends to shop when you have checked out upcoming sales.  
  5. Look for Sales and BOGO deals – Scour your local paper for upcoming sales.  Only purchase items that are on sale and start shopping early for the best deals.  
  6. Shop at Dollar Stores – Crayola Crayons, paper, notebooks, rulers, sandwich cases etc. can be found for a bargain.  Ollie’s, Big Lots, Gabriel Brothers etc. should be on your shopping list for these products as well.  Check Ollie’s and Big Lots for good deals on school supplies.   
  7. Head to the Clearance and Sale Racks – I stocked up on end of season tees and jeans this week-end for my little man.  Target and Old Navy have great sales on jeans. You can find good deals at Gap, Children’s Place, Polo too.   
  8. Check Out Deals On-line  – You save on time and gas expense.  I look for free shipping sites.  



  1. These are some great tips. My oldest is starting school for the first time, would you believe I have only purchased a few items for back to school so far. In the upcoming weeks I am sure I will have to purchase more though to make sure he is prepared. #TurnUpTuesday

  2. The best part of going back to school as a child was always getting new school supplies and now that school supplies take up multiple isles at Target with everything you could ever want for filling that new backpack — oh my! Restraint must be hard! I'm glad Amara wears a uniform, it does help!