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6 Tips To Save On Travel Food Budgets

6 Tips To Save On Travel Food Budgets

When I’m traveling with my family, I have travel food budgets and it’s imperative that I stay within them. I look for ways to save on meals, but also ensure we have a great time. My grandchildren like snacks and sandwiches, but I’m also feeding adults who need meals that will fill them up and stick. Eating 3 meals out for 7 days can be expensive for a family.  I have a grocery store budget and an eat out budget. Here’s a few ways that I ensure we stay within the set budgets:  

1.  Check Out Resorts That Offer Kitchens/Kitchenettes  –  If I’m traveling for more than 3 days, I always book accommodations that have a full or partial kitchen. This allows me to cook meals and save on food eugpense.  Having a kitchen is great, especially when I’m traveling with my grandchildren. It’s difficult to get them up and out for breakfast and sometimes lunch. 

2.  Look For Discounts in Travel Guides or Online – I research local restaurants wherever I’m staying and if I decide that I would like to check out a few of them  I search for a coupon or discount. 

3.  Take Advantage of Happy Hour –  If you want to eat light, check out restaurants that have happy hour.  I have taken advantage of specials on wings, burgers, stuffed mushrooms etc. It’s a great way to have a few adult beverages on the cheap too.

4.  Find The Local Grocery Store  – I purchase snacks, drinks, bottled water and any items that I need for meals. After checking in, this is the first task on my list. I’m able to purchase drinks and food for the beach, bathroom items, a candle to relax, batteries if needed and anything else on the list. I save a ton of money by taking this step. 

5.  Check Out The Resort/Hotel Welcome Package – I visit the hotel or resort concierge and ask for information on local activities or restaurants. They normally have a welcome package which contains coupons for local attractions and other valuable information that you can take into consideration and help with your budget. 

6.  Look For Resorts/Hotels That Offer Free Activities – I look for resorts or hotels that offer water slides, lazy rivers, or firework displays in addition to the beach and nearby activities for the kids. I search for coupons for miniature golf, amusement parks, seek out free concerts and than use the savings for ice cream treats, sno-cones etc. while we’re out and about. 

Don’t wait until you arrive at your vacation destination to start saving. You should be saving all year for your vacation. This takes the stress off and any worries that everyone won’t be able to have a good time because of a cash shortage.   

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  1. I wish that traveling was something that Grampy enjoyed. You sure have some good tips!