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Just the mention of the word ‘Honeymoon’ and one thinks of romance, excitement and fun! A honeymoon is such a beautiful experience, why have it just one!  Don’t stop at your first honeymoon, take a second, third or fourth.  Every couple deserves a honeymoon and one that doesn’t break the bank. Furthermore, it’s nice to get away from the normal routine of every day life and spend some time alone with your partner. Many couples struggle to find alone time, especially as kids come into your life and responsibilities multiply. Because alone time strengthens and cements the relationship, it should be important to every couple.  

Taking a second honeymoon can be accomplished economically. The trick is to plan in advance and choose a destination that offers the excitement you are looking for within your set budget. Here’s our pick of Top 6 Honeymoon Destinations That Are Exotic Yet Inexpensive:


Sikkim, is a popular honeymoon destination in India. It is a place that offers a plethora of rich and beautiful experiences for its travelers. The rich culture and natural beauty adds a magical and an exotic experience to the trip. Enjoy the peace and serenity awhile you delve into the history and mouth watering local cuisine. You can spend days just soaking up the multiple facets of Sikkim.


Thailand is a beautiful beach honeymoon destination that thrives on tourism. It should come as no surprise that it’s always buzzing with activity. Thailand has it all. If your idea of the perfect holiday is lying on the beach, a sports adventure, shopping or just plain relaxing, you can find in Thailand. It’s budget friendly, and offers a multiple choice of accommodations and entertainment. 

Did you know that Thailand offers destinations with pristine waters and exotic natural beauty? You can choose between being secluded from the world by surrounding yourself with water or stay in the middle of the city. These pros make it an amazing holiday and honeymoon destination. You can try your hand at its many water sports and adventures and/or gorge on delectable seafood and local cuisine.


Kerala in India is well known for its backwater and massage experience. Combine the two and you have the perfect honeymoon destination! Furthermore, imagine soaking up the sun while nestled in a houseboat or sipping on sweet and pure coconut water. A professional masseuse will help you unwind by soothing stressed joints and limbs.  Isn’t the thought is divine!  While you’re there, indulge in some guilty food pleasures and also marvel at the natural beauty.  If you’re feeling adventurous, visit some of the beautiful temples.


A European delight! Budapest is small, but oh-so-beautiful! The chain bridge across the river, the ruins, the castle and the multiple shops are filled with life and energy. Together they offer an experience that will leave you asking for more! The thermal spas are a popular getaway for the locals and a must for every traveler in Budapest. You can choose from a variety of hotels, B&B’s, and motels. It’s a beautiful mix of peace and energy!


If you are looking for a Europe holiday, Porto city in Portugal is the perfect place to be! It’s full of culture and a marvelous experience for  travelers. The rich history, warm people, great food and serene natural beauty add to the holiday experience. Flourishing vineyards and exotic wine flavors may be just the thing that you and your partner may revel in! Expect to be floored by the richness of culture and activity; yet spend time relaxing and just be lazy!

Now you have our picks for the 6 Second Honeymoon Destinations. Start planning an adventure full of love, romance and rejuvenation with your better half now!


About the Author: Tejaswi Bhagavatula

An avid biker, published author and a regular blogger who has written for sites like Huffington Post, Life Hack, Better India, Times Network and more.



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