5 Delicious Ways to Add Fruit to Your Kid’s Meals

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Fruits are fantastic. Not only they are healthy, but they are also tasty and versatile. There are sweet fruits, tangy fruits, fleshy and juicy fruits and everything in between. As a parent, your appreciation for fruits rises, but chances are you weren’t really a ‘fruit craving’ kid.

I never liked fruits and avoided them whenever possible. This is one reason I look like an undernourished zombie kid with frayed hair and dull skin in my childhood pics. Well, fast forward to 2017.  I don’t want my kids to miss out on the nutrition offered by these beautiful gifts of nature.

This is because as a kid I didn’t really know the benefits of fruit. And, no one really tried to find ways to make me eat it.  Instead, I would munch on all kinds of chips, biscuits, and chocolates. Today, however, the story is different. Not only I am aware and make an effort to include fruit in my diet, but I also try to create exciting fruit recipes for my children.  As a result, they learn to love these gifts from Mother Nature.

In this post, I will share my top five fruit recipes that are very nutritious and healthy.

  1. Frozen Fruit Bark:

My kids and I love this recipe because it’s yummy, healthy and more exciting than just eating fresh fruit with yogurt. Take your favorite fruits such as a combination of strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, mango and a dried fruit of your choice. Chop the ingredients in small pieces.  Layer plain or vanilla yogurt in a bowl. Toss chopped fruits and nuts and place them in a container in the freezer.

You can give frozen fruits as snacks to your kids before they head out to play or after they come home from school. Remember that fruits and nuts are packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that keep us thriving and energized. Don’t forget, the yogurt will give your family valuable protein, calcium, and potassium.

  1. Quick Banana split:

I can’t decide whether this recipe is more delicious or healthy because it serves both purposes so well. And it’s so simple and quick to prepare!

All you need is a banana, berries of your choice, chocolate chips, granola and your favorite fruit yogurt. I make this treat by slicing the banana in halves along their length first. Then I join the two halves using a few spoonsful of frozen strawberry yogurt. Last, I sprinkle raspberries, blackberries, granola and chocolate chips. Viola! Your snack is ready to serve in minutes!

It’s just like the original banana split without the ice cream or sugary dribbles of processed chocolate syrup. It’s packed with enough nutrition your body needs at a single meal which makes it perfect for breakfast.

  1. Rainbow Fruit Popsicles:

Who doesn’t love a cold Popsicle on a hot summer day? No one. The kids can never say no to this mouthwatering delight.

Take a cup each of frozen strawberries and raspberries, and a medium-sized mango and 2 sliced Kiwis. Puree each of the fruits separately.  Use a little bit of water if needed.

Pour the first puree of your choice into the Popsicle mold. Place the container in the freezer while remaining ingredients are waiting in the fridge. Once the first puree is 70% set which will be in about 20 minutes, you can add the other pureed fruit and follow the same steps. Remember, fruits can be poured in any order, and they don’t need to be frozen solid.  Just make sure that they are more frozen than watery so that the two purees don’t mix.

After pouring the last ingredient, freeze the popsicles for a few hours to set them rock hard. You can also add tiny fruit chunks, honey or lemon juice in any of the different rainbow layers to take it up a notch.

  1. Fruit roll-ups:

I never knew I could do so many things with fruits until a few years ago, but the popularity of social media sites like Pinterest has totally changed all of that.  This recipe is a unique and innovative way to consume fruit. I love to make mine with peaches, strawberries, a little bit of honey and blueberries.

Usually, fruits are sweet enough, but I like to top the tanginess of the peach with the heavenly sweetness of honey. Plus, honey is super beneficial for our health too. Try to avoid refined white sugar. You can add more honey, cinnamon powder, vanilla or peppermint extract to give your roll up an extra edge.

Prepare your baking tray first. Grease the butter paper and pour the fruit puree spreading it evenly with a spatula. Also, keep it slightly away from the edges.

Set your oven to the lowest possible setting and check on the fruit after 6-8 hours. We are primarily trying to ‘dry the fruit’ and not cook it. You can roll, cut or use the fruit leather however you like. Lots of creative fruit roll up recipes can be found here.

  1. Fruit Jigglers:

It’s not just the kids, adults love Fruit Jigglers too. They are much healthier than packaged jellies.  Most importantly, there are no undesirable sugary ingredients.

You will need coconut manna, your favorite berries, and gelatin for this recipe. It is scrumptious while working or watching TV.

First, you have to blend your favorite berries with Coconut Manna, water and a pinch of sea salt. Take half a cup of the mixture and set it aside.

Heat the remaining mix in a pot and let it simmer for 5 minutes before turning the stove off.  Add gelatin to the mixture which you had set aside and stir thoroughly or whisk. Then slowly add the hot mixture to the cold mixture and keep whisking.  Blend the entire mixture in a food processor.

Last, pour the fruit mixture into ice cube trays and refrigerate for an hour. You can then enjoy fruit jigglers with your loved ones. They are also the perfect finger food for babies 8 months and older.

You will find plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in fruit.  So, which of these healthy recipes would you try first?


About the Author:  James Smith is a survivalist, who loves to write about survival skills and techniques. You can follow him at @JamesSmith1609.”


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