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African American Inventors

Black History Month activities,


February is Black History Month.   There’s some controversy as to whether or not there should be a Black History Month.  Some people believe that there shouldn’t be a month that focuses on one race’s accomplishments.  Some people believe that many accomplishments by African American’s in America have been diminished.  As a result, we should continue Black History Month.   

l will participate in the celebration as long as it’s being celebrated.  I just like to have a good time regardless.  In my opinion, children should learn about everyone’s contribution to our country.  It’s great because of the diverse people who have made a contribution.  

Many African Americans have contributed to America’s history.  They invented the street mailboxes, adhesives, spark plugs, and more. I believe as parents and grandparents, it is our responsibility to teach our children about American’s history. 

I developed this fun and educational match games for older children.  The goal is to match the Inventor to the Invention.  They may know some of the Inventors/Inventions, but they may have to Google others.  This is a great way to have a family discussion.  You can discuss how the invention is used in your home.  If not in your home, than their grandparents home.  Turn it into a fun, educational game.  It’s perfect for a road trip too. 

I’ve included an Answer Key.  Print both the challenge and answer key here.  Have fun with the kids, and be sure to check back for additional Black History posts.