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11 Manners You Should Teach Your Child

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Do you believe children today have less respect for elders and using manners is of no importance? I have found that excuse me, thank you, and please don’t seem to be a part of our children’s vocabulary these days. When did we lose this value? Teens have either cut in front of me or reached across me and never uttered a word.

When I was raising my daughter, manners were important. Good manners will take our children a long way.  I have been baffled about some children’s interaction with their parents on various occasions.  I have heard children call their parents by their first name, yell at them, just be downright disrespectful and the parent took no action.

Manners are taught and they should be taught at home. Along with manners comes respect. Instilling manners is a sign of respect for your parents and your upbringing as well as respect for yourself.  Who wants to be around rude and impolite children. These rude and impolite children will grow up to be rude and impolite adults. Here are a few tips to get your child on the road to respect and being polite:


  1. Please and Thank You. When you ask your child to pick up their toys, get ready for their bath etc. say please. When your child abides say thank you. Children learn by example.
  2. Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir. This is extremely important, especially when they are responding to seniors.
  3. Say Hello or Hi when you introduce them to friends, co-workers, church members or you have visitors in your home.
  4. Share toys, treats etc. when playing with friends or siblings.
  5. To Not Interrupt adult conversations unless it is an emergency.
  6. Table Manners. This will be important when you’re dining out or invited to a friend’s home or family gathering during the holidays. Your child needs to understand that they can not play with their food, slurp, burp, or create games with their eating utensils. If a burp does arise, teach them to say excuse me.
  7. Excuse Me when they need to pass in front of an adult or get around them.
  8. Be Positive – Say nice things about other people.
  9. Wash Their Hands with soap and water after using the bathroom and before meals. Also, teach them to wipe their hand on a towel and not on their clothes. Teaching them to use hand sanitizer is a good idea when soap and water is not available.
  10. Wipe their nose with a tissue and not their hands. Also, picking their nose is improper.
  11. Respect  – Showing respect toward adults and others.  Demonstrate respect and your children will mimic you.

Using patience with your child is a must while teaching them manners. They won’t learn overnight, so it’s important that you remind them of the importance of manners often. As they get older and they have mastered the basics, you can instill other values.

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When You’re At A Crossroad – Listen to Your Instinct

Do you know the difference between intellect and
instinct?  I hear you grumbling, who doesn’t know that right.  Our intellect
is information that we have gathered and retained over the course of years;
however, our instinct is what drives us to put that information to use.  Bishop T.D. Jakes says “Your intellect tells you to load the gun, your instinct tells you to pull the trigger”.  

Most of us ignore our
instinct better known as  a “gut feeling”.
 You know that funny feeling that you get
about something or someone.  Sometimes our
instinct tells us when something could possibly be wrong, but it also tells us
when something could be right.  So many
times we end up in bad relationships or miss out on opportunities because we ignored
our gut feeling.  When we look back, we
realize all the signs were there.  We
stomp and get angry because we ignored what saw or heard and tell ourselves
over and over, I should have listed to my gut. 

Your instinct could lead you to your passion or better yet
your destiny.  At this point in my life,
I’m not sure if I have arrived at my destiny, but I have arrived at quite a few
of my passions.  I have arrived in a much
calmer place and I’m able to see things clearer.  I arrived here because I learned to listen to my instinct and than connect to my intellect.  Once I
connected to my intellect and instinct, I learned to sit still and think about
what I’m feeling and why.  Know that
you’re feeling some kind of way for a reason. 
Think about what you may have seen or hear or if you’re happy, sad or

Because I’m now in tune intellectually and emotionally, I
have learned to remove myself from unhealthy relationships.  I have learned to say no, I need to take care
of me and not feel guilty.  Here’s how I
learned to empower myself:  

1. I learned that what someone else is doing may not be my destiny.  I have learned to use my creativity and make things work for me in my way and style.

2. I thought about what I liked and what I wanted to do.  This helped me to develop a map and determine the roads that I needed to take to arrive at my passions.  I am still working on my destiny.  

3. I started asking questions and answering them honestly.   This
will help you decide what direction you should go in.  You may need to leave a relationship, company
or situation and at the very least change some things in your life. 

4.  If you’re not feeling good about your relationship, job or whatever you’re involved in you may need to reassess it.  Don’t second guess yourself, it’s your institution talking to you.  You should be happy or have a feeling of satisfaction about what you’re doing or involved in.  If not, why do it or stay in.     

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Cindy chose 9 Useful Graduation Gifts Under $25 from Earning & Save with Sarah Fuller. “I usually give gift cards for graduation but I am always afraid they will be spent on something frivolous instead of something that is really needed. In her post Sarah gives some great ideas that almost any graduate will need.”
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Natasha chose A Rant About TV, and 15 Better Uses of Your Time from My Salt, His Light. “Love this post! I feel the exact same way – television has definitely changed in recent years, and not for the better, but for the worse. I look forward to seeing more positive programming in the years to come. Great post!”
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Is Your Child A Cyber Bully

Why aren’t more parents monitoring what their children are doing on-line?  The answer most parents give is because they are intimidated by the computer.  They lack computer skills, don’t have a smart phone and they really aren’t interested in learning how to use one.  As parents, we must be involved in what’s happening in our child’s life, especially in the age of modern technology.  From one mother to another, I think it’s imperative that we get involved in our children’s activities and stop thinking they’re doing the right thing and don’t need to be monitored.  

As parents we all want to think that we’ve raising angels and our children know right from wrong.  We’re shocked when we get a call to come into the school for inappropriate behavior from our child, when we receive a call from jail to bail them out or the cop knocks on the door to deliver bad news.  We all think that these things couldn’t possibly happen to us, these situations happen in other people’s homes.  So why should we concern ourselves.  How many times have you heard, my child would never do that!

I can give you a few reasons.  Did you hear about the Florida teens, 15 and 16, that were arrested for setting up a phony Facebook page that was X-rated several years ago.  They were charged with pasting the face of a school mate, whom they didn’t like, on a nude body and filled the page with foul language.  They thought it was a joke. They were charged with felony stalking.    

How about the young lady that committed suicide last year because she was bullied.  We must overcome our fears.  A blogger recently experienced cyber bullying with her daughter.  As a matter of fact her blog was down for most of a day because it was hacked. Bullying is real, and it wrecks havoc on families.  A teen in my neighborhood committed suicide a few years ago.  If we as a parents won’t face our fears, how do we encourage our children to face theirs?  

Here are a few suggestions on how to overcome the fear of the computer and how you can get involved to help stop cyber bullying:

  • If you don’t consider yourself to be technically savvy, take a class or better yet get your child to teach you.  They love showing off their computer skills.  
  • Ask questions about your child’s friends and what’s happening in their life.  Follow them on sites popular with teens and make sure you have access to their accounts.  
  • Ask other parents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers to stay involved with your children on-line.  We can’t monitor our children 24/7, but you can recruit family and friends to assist.  It takes a village to raise a child.    
  • Computer etiquette starts at home.  Have conversations with your child or children on what’s appropriate or inappropriate to put on-line.  If they’re minors, you’re in control and you need to let them know you’re ruling the roost.  They must follow rules that you have set for on-line activities.   
  • Discuss the consequences of cyber stalking and the legalities of posting inappropriate posts. It’s illegal and the consequences are certainly worth a conversation with your child. 

Do you see the importance of keeping up with your child?  Better yet stay in front of them so you can lead.  If you can’t stay in front of them stay beside them.  Taking a class is cheaper than paying a lawyer to get your child out of a felony for on-line harassment or other effects from bullying.  Would love to know your thoughts on this post and how you monitor your child’s on-line activities.    

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Unplug and Play Book Review

Looking for a way to spend family time unplugged?  Check out Unplug and Play by Brad Berger.  The book is filled with 50 games that don’t require electricity.  We have reached the age of modern technology, and we spend most of our free time on the Internet playing games, texting, or on social media.  It is true, we are loosing our connection to family and friends unless it’s on an electrical device.

I was asked to review this book and jumped at the opportunity.  I still play board and card games with my grandchildren, but I thought it would be nice to have access to games other than Candy Land, Trouble, Old Maid etc.  I must admit, I don’t usually play games when I’m hanging out with friends and family.  So I truly thought the book could be beneficial.    

I’ll start with an overview first. The book is filled with 50 games that can be played with various age groups for a variety of events. The book includes games in the matching, memory, puzzles, strategy, bluff, and who can respond the quickest category, which can be played during family time, parties or other social gatherings.  

When I first browsed the book, I found it rather confusing.  Since I was in the comfort of my home I was able to return to it easily and give it a second chance.  I found the content overwhelming.  I didn’t know where to start in deciding why I would purchase the book except for the fact that you didn’t have to be on a computer to play it.  The cover showed various age groups playing together, but the book isn’t broken down by age group.  I had to basically review the entire book to determine which of the 50 games I could use.  I wouldn’t have time for that while shopping.  It would have gone back on the shelf.  I’m just not one to spend my money unless I’m certain of the purchase no matter how big or small.  

I returned to the book a few days later and decided that I would look for games that I could play on Girl’s Night and games that I could play with my grandchildren.   I found 2 games out of 50 that intrigued me.  

Who Am I – Each person lists 20 famous people and you place the names in a hat or bowl, whatever you have handy.  Each person takes turns drawing  a name and than gives a one – three word hint on who the person is.  For example, Vivian Leigh.  The hint would be Scarlett.  If a person gets the correct answer they earn 30 points.  If not, another hint would be Miss Scarlett. They would earn 20 points.  Three hints 10 points.  

Movie Match – In this game you make two columns, Movies and the second column the Actor/Actress.  You match the movie with the actor/actress.  The first person or team who matches all 20 wins.  

My grandchildren are 6 and 2, so playing these games with them was out unless I really manipulated them.  I decided to play both of the games when I hosted Girl’s Night and we had a ball playing them.  Besides the fact that you only need a pen and pencil to play the games, I really can’t find many pros for this book.  I would recommend browsing it if you come across it in a store you may have a different opinion and may have family members that a older and can play the games; however, for me only finding 2 out of 50 games useful, I would not purchase it.  I will play Who Am I and Movie Match again.  I loved them. 

Note:  I was provided a copy of this book for review; however, the opinions are my own.  

Are You Teaching Your Child About Racism

teaching your child about racism


Do you see the world in black or white?  If so you’re missing mesmerizing colors.  I created this quote several months ago, and tucked it away. Today I pull it out.  I’ve been watching the coverage on Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, and I’ve had so many things go through my mine.  I debated whether I should do this post.

I wavered because I have diverse followers and I didn’t want to offend anyone with my thoughts and truths.  However, there are times that we need to put on our big girl pants and face reality.  I am known to give things to you straight and I don’t always offer a chaser.  But lets not be afraid to discuss uncomfortable issues on Mother 2 Mother.  After all, it’s Real Talk for Real Women.

As an African American, I’ve encountered my share of racism.  At times blatant and others not so much.  I was profoundly offended when I was listening to Donald Sterling’s words.  It seems that some people’s focus was on his First Amendment rights and other’s focus was on his racist comments. When I was listening to his words, his First Amendment rights was not an issue for me.  First Amendment rights don’t apply when a person is being disrespected.  If you think you’re bold enough to speak it, you have to be bold enough to suffer the consequences of your words.  I applauded the fact that he has been banned from the NBA for life.  NBA= No Bigots Allowed.

Why should his First Amendments rights override another person’s rights to live, play, work and live freely in this country?  Why should other people have to endure his bigoted comments?  Because he has the right to say whatever he wants?  Do we really?  This is a prime case of be careful what you say.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying that a person is not entitled to their opinions.  However, if your opinions are hurtful to another person maybe you should keep it to yourself.  Do you believe people are born racist?  Do you think racism is learned behavior?  I was called the “N” Word for the first time around 11 or 12.  Needless to say, the person who sprouted that word took an ass-whipping.  Before I could respond, my sister gave her a whipping that she will never forget.  I don’t condone violence, so as an adult I would handle things differently.

But at that point, we weren’t about to walk away without leaving her with a memory.  I grow up in a small community, and we were free to roam and be carefree as children.  We played together, we went to school together and some dated outside of their race.  I am happy to say that most of us have remained friends and follow each other on Facebook.  A few of us even worked for the same agency. To me that says a lot of what we truly thought of each other growing up.  I’m proud of my upbringing.

Since I believe racism is taught, I made sure that I educated my daughter on the importance of loving everyone.  I never limited her on who she could play with, socialize with or date unless I believed that person was harmful in some kind of manner.  She had diverse friends growing up and she still has most of them.  She dated outside of  her race in high school.

We must educate our children to not discriminate against another person based on race, religion, sexual preference, gender etc. It may not be how we choose to live, but so be it.  We must have this conversation with our children, so they will know better.  They are the next generation and our future leaders.

You can think what you want; however, your offensive remarks could become public.  Regardless of whether they were supposed to be private or not, there is a price to pay.   It is imperative that each of us think before we speak, period. Being a hateful person is not natural.  There’s a hole in your heart.  On-line posts are no loner private.  So, what you say in another’s presence may not remain private either.   Lesson learned.  Are you teaching your child about racism or turning the other cheek?