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It’s Quotable Sunday

It’s Quotable Sunday thanks to Toni at A Daily Dose of Toni. Each Sunday we share a few of our favorite quotes. This Sunday I decided to share a few quotes on bereavement. Believe it or not, back in the day I was a dancing machine and a big fan of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. (I can barely get off the sofa now, lol). My daughter picked up where I left off, she danced classical ballet and jazz for 12 years. Needless to say, music was big in my house hold. We have every album by the Jackson 5 and every CD made by Michael Jackson. No, album is not a mistake. I have the Jackson 5 albums.

I remember sitting for hours with my daughter watching Thriller, I’m Bad, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Black or White and so many other videos thinking this man is a genius. No one has or will ever come close to his talent. He took music, dance, videos, choreography and entertainment to a new level. Many have tried to emulate him, but none have ever been able to reach his ingenuity. Regardless of his personal struggles, in my opinion he will go down in history as the greatest entertainer of all time.

I would like to encourage each of my readers to live life to the fullest. Forgive your enemies, apologize to everyone that desires an apology from you, love your families, dream big and live large. We never know when our time will be up.

Please take a quote and bury it in your heart so you can draw upon the strength of these words in your hours of bereavement.

May Michael Jackson’s family and fans be blessed and may he Rest In Peace. In his own words, Like A Rainbow Fading In the Twinkle Of An Eye, Gone Too Soon.

You don’t really get over it; you get used to it.– Robert S. Weiss

Preserve your memories. They’re all that’s left for you.– Paul Simon

I look upon life as a gift from God. I did nothing to earn it. Now that the time is coming to give it back, I have no right to complain. – Joyce Cary

It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth — and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The angels are always near to those who are grieving, to whisper to them that their loved ones are safe in the hand of God. – Eileen Elias Freeman

Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.- Unknown

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. – From a headstone in Ireland

For more quotes, please visit A Daily Dose of Toni. You can join us by signing Mr. Linky at the bottom of Toni’s blog and listing your favorite quotes.

Feel free to leave us a comment on our quotes or your favorite song or video by Michael Jackson.

Blog Give Aways

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Havens Sweet Scents Soap Give Away

Take a look at this picture.  What do you think it is?  If you said a set of tools you’re right, partially.  The set is actually soap and so cute.  Wouldn’t they look adorable in a guest bathroom or a basket in your bathroom.  They’re sure to be a conversation piece.  We found them at Haven’s Sweet Scents.  Haven is a SAHM to two wonderful children and runs her own business.  She makes each bar of soap and each bottle of lotion out of natural ingredients, and each is packaged and labeled by hand. 

I was thrilled when Haven’s Sweet Scents asked me to review several of their products.  I received Lemongrass Sage lotion and Honey Oatmeal soap to review.  I absolutely loved both.  I was looking for something to use on my elbows.  Winter is murder on my skin and they had become quite rough.  The Honey Oatmeal soap was gentle, but strong enough to remove the dead skin.  The Lemongrass lotion had a scent that reminded me of the ocean.  I used both for several days on my elbows and feet, and I was surprised at how soft they were after several uses. 

I would highly recommend that you check out Haven’s Sweet Scents.  In addition to the Lemongrass Sage lotion, they have Lavender and White Ginger and Amber among others.  They also have Rosemary Peppermint and Citrus Explosion soap.  Can you smell the Citrus Explosion?  You’ll also find other speciality soaps, which include little frog and turtles and duckies.  Sweet!

We’re giving away a set of the adorable soap shown.  You can be a winner.  Here’s how, visit Haven’s Sweet Scents look around and tell us which color tool set you would like if you win.  This give away is open to US and Canada Residents 18+ only.  This give away will end July 20, 2009 at mid-night. 

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Misfit Grannies

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When I saw this video, I was shocked. I was shocked at the Great Grandmother’s behavior and shocked that the officer would taser Granny as a result. OMG! She’s 72 years old. She could have been wearing a pacemaker or had a heart condition, it could have killed her. I’m picturing my mother, and asking myself if she would conduct herself in this manner. Now my mother is known to put on a performance or two in her day, but I can’t imagine her going to this extreme with an officer over a traffic ticket. The question of the day is, should the officer have used the taser on this misfit Granny? When I watch the video, I wonder why he just doesn’t restrain her and place her in handcuffs. It certainly appears that he could have overpowered her without causing injury. It’s clear she wasn’t going down without a fight, but I find it hard to believe she could have really caused him harm. She wasn’t packing a Saturday Night Special or an AK 47. On the other hand, it’s hard to believe that a respectful Granny would challenge an officer of the law on a highway over a traffic ticket. According to records, she was clearly speeding in a construction zone, which is why the officer pulled her over. If she disagreed with the ticket, she could have challenged it in court rather than resisting arrest. The vulgarity coming from this elderly woman’s mouth is amazing too, she has a potty mouth. She clearly shows no respect for the law on this video. What truly amazes me, is the fact that she intended to deny being unruly with the officer. At the time of her interview, she didn’t know the entire incident had been recorded and being watched by the world. She’s been caught in her lie, so she has no comment on her behavior now. I bet her children got a shock when they saw this video, especially since they hired an attorney to represent her for enduring the officer’s abuse. This video also caused me to think about an incident with my mother. She wasn’t tasered thank goodness, but the story is worth sharing. I received a call from one of brothers on a Saturday night years ago. Here is a part of our conversation: My brother – “You are not going to believe what your mother did this evening. (Yes we came through the same birth canal, but she suddenly turned into my mother). “She did the unthinkable at Duane’s baseball game.” (Duane is his son). Me – “Oh God, what did she do.” My first thought was she let the umpire have it for calling a bad game. My brother – “She hit some woman over the head with her purse because she was criticizing Duane.” Me – “What?” My brother – “She hit some woman over the head with her purse because the woman was talking about Duane while he was pitching.”Me – “OMG, is she in jail?”My brother – “No, the cops couldn’t find her.” Me – “What?”Summary – A lady who was sitting in front of my mother criticized my nephew throughout the game. She had no idea my mother was Duane’s grandmother. My mother quietly endured the badgering of her beloved grandson throughout the game, and decided she would seek revenge when it was time to leave the ballpark. She lived up to that thought. She stood up, took her purse and hit the woman over the head, and than walked away. After recovering from the shock of being hit in the back of the head, the lady headed to a police officer who just happened to be patronizing the game to inform him of her encounter with the “Purse Lady” as we’ve dubbed her. After giving a description of my mother, the lady and cop scoured the ballpark in search of my mother. The lady moved a little too slowly, my mother quietly slipped away and made her move into the back of my brother’s van. Now my brother and his wife were completely unaware of this incident. He’s chatting with the other dads and praising my nephew for pitching a great game. His wife is taking hundreds of pictures of her son for the scrapbook. After the smell of sweet victory wears off, they head for home with our mother in toll. They drop my mother off and head home to wait for the greatest pitcher on earth to arrive for dinner. Duane arrives shortly thereafter, and asks about Granny hitting the woman over the head. Here’s Duane’s memory of the incident: My brother – “What are you talking about?”Duane – “Granny hit some woman in the back of the head at the park.” My brother – “What?”Duane – “Granny hit some woman in the back of the head at the park. The cops were looking for her, but she was hiding in your van. I saw Granny when she hit the woman in the bleachers. Granny is slick, she just walked away and got in your van. The woman didn’t know what hit her, she just knew Granny hit her. Granny don’t play.” My brother – “OMG!”Duane – “Granny said something to the woman before she walked away.”The next day, we asked my mother about the incident and what she said to the woman. My mother admitted to hitting her over the head, and she said she told the woman, “You better be careful about whose grandson you’re talking about, bitch”. Leave us a comment on these law breaking Grannies and any unbelievable stories about your mother, grandmother or you. We would love to hear them.

Define*Me Clothing – Personalized Baby Clothes

One of my favorite foods when I was growing up was Campbell’s soup. When I saw this tee it reminded me of my childhood and that great lunch my mom served, Campbell’s Alphabet Soup and a grilled cheese sandwhich. Oh, how simple things were then.

This personalized tee is so cute and comforting. Soup is suppose to be comforting, right. Alphabets are scattered throughout the bowl, and your child’s name is spelled out on the spoon. Define *Me Clothing – Personalized Baby Clothes is the creator of this original Alphabet Tee. It is shown in blue, my favorite, but is available in red and black for boys and pink, lavender as well as the red and black for girls. This little number is also available in a onesie. I added the tee shown to my Grandma bag. It gets 2 snaps and a booty shake. My grandson will be wearing it this summer.

Jennifer Kirkpatrick. owner, said she loves personalized items for her two children so she decided to create her own line. Jennifer has done a fabulicious job. As we all know, finding adorable clothing for boys has proven to be a difficult task. Jennifer has designed a large selection for both boys and girls. Sweet! She has included Bling Is My Thing, Daddy’s Little Cupcake, Mommy’s Wish Come True, and Snipes and Snails to name a few. Her products are 100% cotton, so they will be gentle on your little one’s skin.

Jennifer in the process of adding a new line to Define Me Clothing, so bookmark her site so you don’t miss out on her new items. Her tees will make great Christmas, Birthday or baby shower gifts.

I love give aways and I know you do too. Jennifer is offering a tee from her current line to one of my readers. Say thank you Jennifer. You can be a winner. Here’s how. Visit Define*Me Clothing – Personalized Baby Clothes by clicking on this link. Let us know which tee you would like to receive if you’re selected as the winner. Contest is opened to US Residents 18+ only and will end July 10, 2009 at mid-night. We will randomly select a winner from the posts.

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Quotable Sunday

It’s Quotable Sunday thanks to Toni at A Daily Dose of Toni. I love Quotable Sunday. I get to list a few of my favorite quotes and travel the blogosphere so I can reader other’s. This week I decided to focus on quotes relating to family. Here are a few of my favorites:

It is not possible for one to teach others who cannot teach his own family. — Confucius

Man is the head of the family, woman the neck that turns the head. –Chinese Proverb

If you’ve had wonderful family relationships, you will be able to call yourself a true success in life no matter what else you’ve achieved.–Vic Conant

Families are like fudge… mostly sweet with a few nuts. — Author Unknown

The family you come from isn’t as important as the family you’re going to have. — Ring Lardner

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. — Desmond Tutu

Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing.– Jim Rohn

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.–Henry Beecher

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.–Welsh proverb

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.–John F. Kennedy

Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up – ’cause they’re looking for ideas.–Paula Poundstone

I hope that you have enjoyed the quotes today. If you’re interested in participating in Quotable Sunday or reading more quotes, please visit A Daily Dose of Toni.  Please leave me a comment on your favorite quote, and I’ll stop by and let you know my favorite. 

Dr. Seuss – Book Give Away

Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham was one of my favorite books when I was child. I remember asking my mother to read it over and over at bedtime. I also remember her being happy when I learned to read and I could read it over and over on my own. Oh the memories of childhood.

I’m not surprised that this book is still a childhood favorite after 49 years. I am amazed that this book consists of only 50 words and was written on a bet. After Dr. Seuss wrote the Cat In The Hat using only 225 words, his publisher wagered $50 that Dr. Seuss could not write a book using only fifty words. He accepted the challenged and thus we have Green Eggs and Ham.

The Cat In the Hat was also one of my favorite childhood books. The Cat In The Hat turned 50 in 2007. This book has sold over 10.5 million copies and has been published in more than 20 languages. I read both of these books to my grandson this week-end. Green Eggs and Ham was his favorite. He handed the book to me over and over. I’ll be adding both to his library, which I started for him at birth.

Thanks to my friends at Random House, Giggles & Sugar Kisses is giving away a set of Dr. Seuss Books to one of our readers. The set includes:

  • Green Eggs & Ham
  • The Cat In The Hat
  • Happy Birthday Baby
  • (2) Dr. Suess-isms

You could be a winner. Here’s how: check out the selection of Dr. Seuss books at Random House and tell us another book that you would like to add to this collection. Readers who do not follow these instructions will have their post rejected.  The requirements apply to everyone. This give away will end July 10, 2009 at mid-night. This give away is open to US Residents 18+ only. We will randomly select a winner from the posts. Want extra credit. Do one or all of the following:

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Sweet Baby Shower Gifts

Check out this adorable bibs at Giggles & Sugar Kisses. Our Choo Choo train applique bib is made from 100% cotton velour terry. This bib is a pullover and has a bonus removable washcloth. If you’re looking for a gift remember, a new Mom can never have too many bibs. I remember my grandson drooling. I carried 4 – 5 bibs in my diaper bag, bibs for feeding and bibs for drooling. My little sweetie needed all of them, lol.

These bibs are great for a teething baby and they will make a great baby shower, birthday or Christmas gift. Mom will be grateful, we guarantee it. Not only are they practical, so they’re so cute. The bonus wash cloth will come in handy too.

We have a large selection to choose from, so buy a few. We offer free monogramming too, be sure to personalize your gift by adding the child’s first name up to 12 characters. Personalization makes your gifts special. Mom will love showing off baby with this unique gift. You’ll find them at Giggles & Sugar Kisses.

You Can Make This – Personalized Name Pillow

You can make this! Isn’t it adorable. Kids love personalized items, and a pillow to snuggle up to will make the perfect gift. It’s a great gift for toddlers at naptime, teens hanging out in their rooms, teens heading to college, or a great baby shower gift.

I was thrilled when Courtney offered two of my readers free instructions to make this pillow. We knew you would be thrilled to. The download includes step-by-step instructions on how to choose fabrics, cut out the letters, appliqué, and complete your boutique pillow.

You could be a winner. Here’s how: visit You Can Make This and check out the sample of pillows that have been made with this wonderful pattern on the video (lower right corner). Leave us a comment on which pillow is your favorite. My favorite is Briona, it’s so cute.

This give away will end July 1, 2009 at mid-night. Give away is open to everyone. Two winners will be randomly selected from the posts.

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