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Looking for game day recipes that will put your party over the goal line?  We have 20+ game day dip recipes that will make you the MVP on game day. Dips whether hot or cold are always welcome at parties.  They can be prepared in crockpots, casserole dishes, serving bowls or in bread bowls.  Just serve them. Don’t leave out the cheeseballs.

Here’s my list of my touch down dips:

Vidalia Onion – This recipe uses sweet Vidalia onions in a creamy, cheese sauce.  Serve it with crusty bread or Bruschetta Toast.

Crockpot Zesty Corn – This recipe is for my heat and bacon lovers. Yep, you can use the entire pack and satisfy your love for jalapeno and chili craving.  It’s definitely good for a first down.

French Onion – Great for dipping chips.  This dip is made from fresh ingredients, no packets of mixes for this dish. This is a Blitz recipe.

Crack Dip – Ranch dressing, sour cream, bacon and cheddar cheese are the key ingredient to this creamy dip. Cut up those veggies, you will want to have plenty on hand to dip.

Best Dip for Doritos – Throw a Hail Mary!  This recipe uses simple ingredients and can be used with veggies, crackers or Doritos.

Creamy Avocado – This is a different version of Avocado.  It uses Greek Yogurt to give it a creamy texture.  Serve with Taquitos.  You can find them in the freezer section of your local market.

Amazing Avocado – My daughter is an Avocado lover.  Me not so much, but many of my friends are as well.  This recipe uses fresh ingredients and can be prepared in 15 minutes.  Just refrigerate so the flavors can jell before serving.

Spinach Dip – Unfortunately, the page leading to this spinach dip has a recipe other than the one shown.  No worries.  Try mine.

Texas Trash (Warm Bean Dip) – This bean dip is baked instead of using the stove top.  Serve with tortilla chips.

Philly Cheesesteak –  You will get the touch down signal for this dip.  Roast beef,  Land O’Lakes white American Cheese, and zesty Italian Dressing are a few ingredients that make this dip a hit.  Served with French Bread or raw veggies.

Mexican Spinach – Frozen spinach, jalapenos and lots of cheese are the star attractions in this dip.  Serve with Tostitos or Bruschetta toast.

Spicy Chicken Ranch Dip – Give the fans a little meat.  They’re hungering for a win, and this spicy dip served on chips should do the trick.

Jalapeno Cheddar Cheeseball  – The star in this dip is Pace® Picante Sauce.  What’s your heat, mild, medium or hot?  The hotter the better for me, but you decide.  Perfect with crackers or toast.

Low Carb Dill Cucumber –  You can score and help your friends stay on track with their weight goals with this low carb veggie dip.

Zesty Refried Beans – Refried black beans, salsa and Cantina Tortilla Chips will help you reach a 1st down.  Add a few chili or jalapeno peppers to help put some pep in your step.

Bacon Jalapeno Popper Dip – Kick a field goal with this bacon, cheesy,  jalapeno dip.  Don’t like hot, adjust the recipe and leave out the jalapenos.

Bacon Jalapeno Corn Dip  – Yes, I love jalapenos.  However, I do leave them out of dishes that call for them at times.  Not everyone likes things hot.  Grab your cast iron skillet, bacon, corn, basil and cheese.  Don’t forget the toast and nachos.  Best served hot.

Ultimate Bean Dip –  Don’t get caught off-sides. Add this dish to game day menu. It requires 6 ingredients and 10 – 15 minutes to make. Serve with nachos or Fritos.

Football Bread Bowl – Perfect for game day.  A sour dough bread bowl filled with a delicious Queso Dip with a lines of crispy bacon.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Cheesy Hamburger Dip – Who doesn’t love hamburger.  Hamburger, cheese, salsa and garlic.  Crusty bread, Fritos, or Bruschetta  Toast will be great for this meaty number.

Loaded Bake Potato –  Who has time for loaded baked potatoes on game day?  You can deliver the same flavor with this baked potato dip.  Serve with waffle potatoes or chips.

Blue Cheese –  Simple recipe with blue cheese crumbles are the star.  Perfect for those hot wings.

Joe’s Crab Shack Crab Dip – If you’re a crab lover, this recipe is sure to please.  Serve with Melba Toast.

Bacon Cheddar Cheeseball – Simple cheeseball with bacon or turkey bacon and pecans.  Allow the flavors to jell before serving.  If you’re allergic to nuts roll the cheeseball in bacon pieces instead.

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