15 Must Have Items For A First Aid Kit

Do you have a first aid kit?  If you have children, it is essential.  There will always be a scrap, cut, rash, and mom will evidently suffer a burn in the kitchen. I always keep my first-aid kit stocked and ensure all ointments have not expired.  You don’t have to buy expensive first aid kits, I purchased a plastic container from the Dollar Store with compartments and added what I believed I would use with the children and for myself.  Here are a few items that my first-aid kit contains:
  1. Band-aids of various sizes
  2. Ointments for rashes, bee stings, and burns
  3. Ace-bandages and clips to hold the bandage together
  4. Gauze 
  5. Medical tape
  6. Medical scissors
  7. Peroxide and Antiseptic wipes
  8. Tweezers 
  9. Disposal gloves
  10. A Tube of Vaseline
  11. Benadryl for allergic reactions
  12. Tylenol or Aleve for adults 
  13. Baby and Bayer Aspirin (heart attacks and children)
  14. Eye Wash/Saline
  15. Cold compress (Made specifically for first aid kits)

If you have allergies, diabetics or other specific medical conditions include items that you will need in an emergency.  

 If you don’t have a first-aid kit, make plans to put one together.  In an emergency, running to the store, a neighbor’s or searching your bathroom cabinet may not be an option.  My car also has a first-aid kit, courtesy of my car maker. What items do you have in your first-aid kit?  



  1. Thanks for this great list. #TurnUpTuesday

  2. We have a first aid kit in the garage along with a lot of water — in case of earth quakes but I know that one of the things that are not in it are contact solution, contact case and maybe some old backup glasses!