10 Beach Safety Tips

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Kids often get excited and need reminders on beach safety.  Being safe in and around the water is a must. Although my granddaughter doesn’t like the ocean, she heads toward the water to fill her bucket for sand castles.  As a result, we need to have somebody watching the water and somebody watching her on the beach.  My grandson on the other hand will stay in the water until he shrivels up. We need someone to stay in the water with him until it’s time to take a break.

I’ve put together a few rules that we use for beach safety. Our beach safety tips will help keep your child out of harm’s way in and out of the water.  As parents it is our responsibility to keep our children safe:

  • Never enter the water alone  –  Make sure children understand that they should only enter the water with an adult or older child.
  • Set limits – Provide an area that they are not to wade past while in the ocean.
  • Observe your surroundings  – Teach them to look for family or landmarks when they want to come out of the water.
  • Train your children to listen – Teach them to listen for the lifeguard’s whistle when they’re in the water and to follow instructions from the lifeguard and family.
  • Stay Hydrated  – They should understand the importance of taking a break from the water to rest and drink plenty of fluids. Offer water, fruit flavored waters or Gatorade instead of soda or sugary fruit drinks.
  • Apply Sunscreen – Make sure everyone is adequately covered in sunscreen. My dermatologist recommended Neutrogena. A beach hat is a good idea too.
  • Explain Signs – Make sure kids understand safety signs posted around the beach.
  • Provide Adult Supervision –  Make sure an adult is always present to oversee the children in the water and on the beach.
  • Re-enforce Stranger Danger  – The beach is full of people, so go over the rules of interacting with strangers, especially adults.
  • Provide a Shaded Area – Set up an umbrella so everyone can rest in the shade and allow the body to cool down and refuel.

What rules do you have for the beach?  We would love to add them to our list.  You may also like:  15 Summer Activities For Kids



  1. Great tips to remember! Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop. I can't wait to see what you share this week!

  2. You provided some excellent tips here. A couple some parents don't even think about often enough, i.e. shaded area and stranger danger.

  3. These are great tips, especially since we're going to the beach Monday!  My youngest is three so you can never be too careful!

    Lisa @ Fun Money Mom

    • My granddaughter is 3 and my grandson 7. I've been using this safety tips for my grandchildren and they do work. Hope you fun at the beach, and thanks for stopping by. 

  4. Excellent tips! I can't think of anything else to add. One time, we observed a mom with her two toddlers on a "leash" – now, I know some folks make fun of that, but I thought to myself, "what a smart lady!" Her hands were full of blankets and a cooler and the parking lot was full of teenage boys trying to impress teenage girls! Recipe for disaster to "unleashed" kids!

  5. Amara and I are headed for the beach on Friday so these are great reminders. The one rule we have whether at the beach or anywhere else — we must be able to see one another at all times. It is easy to get playing with friends on the beach and to move down the sand. It is much easier now that she is older but all the rules still apply!

  6. My kids love the water and the beach and the ocean.  It's great. . .and also terrifying.  They have puddle jumper floaties that they must wear at ALL time when we are on the sand.  Even if they say they are not going in the water, they have to wear the floatie.  Then of course an adult is near them at all times in the water.  My older son is six now and thinks he can swim.  When we go to the beach this year he will probably be bummed when we drop the news that he still has to wear his puddle jumper at all times.  Oh well, better to be safe than sorry right?!  My toddler will have her first time with the beach.  She's a little small for the puddle jumper.  Also I kind of want to just attach a leash of some sort to her. . . Because seriously one second of not watching her could lead to her being swept away in waves, with or without some kind of life jacket on.  So we're still debating what we're going to do with her. Great post!

    • I agree, the ocean can be exciting and dangerous.  I'll have to check out the puddle jumper floaties, especially for the 2 year old.  She takes off after her big brother, she has to been watched every second.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing your safety tips.